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Release Year - 1998
# 1
Sar jiske aage na jhuke woh darwaza kisi aur ka hoga, mera nahi ... aur joh har darwaze pe jhuk jaye woh sar kisi aur ka hoga, hamara nahi
The door in front of which your head won't bow down will be someone else's, not mine ... and the head that bows down in front of every door will be someone else's, not mine
# 2
Upar ke yamraj ko hukum dena padta ki woh kisi ki zindagi ko maut mein badal de ... lekin zameen ka yeh yamraj kisi ke hukum ka intezar nahi karta ... woh khud maut ka faisla karta hai
The god of death above has to order as to whose life he wants to convert into death ... but this god of death on the earth doesn't wait for anyone's order ... he himself decides on the death
# 3
Dil todke bhikra diye jaate hai ... joh toot nahi sakte woh thukra diye jaate hai ... jadh kitni bhi gehri ho mushkil hai khade rehna ... joh pedh nahi hai phalte woh katva diye jaate hai
The hearts are broken and thrown away ... and things that can't be broken are rejected ... it's hard to stand no matter how deep the foundation is ... and the trees that dont' grow are cut down
# 4
Tumne kursi ko kabhi gaur se dekha hai ... kursi ke haath hote hai, paon hote hai, peeth hoti hai, magar kursi ka dil nahi hota ... yeh kursi dilwaalon ki nahi, jigar waalon ki rakhail hai
Have you ever seen a chair carefully ... a chair has hands, it has legs, it has a back, but a chair doesn't have a heart ... hence the chair is a mistress of people who have courage and not a heart
# 5
Hum woh dariya hai hum mein maloom hai apni taqat ... hum jahan chal padenge rasta ho jayega ... chalna hai toh chalo varna jao bhaad mein ... tu nahi mila toh koi aur ho jayega
I'm the sea and I know my strength ... the road will be made where I walk ... come if you want to or else go to hell ... if I don't get you then I'll get someone else
# 6
Aapke shehar ka mausam bada suhana lage ... ek lamha chura loon agar bura na lage
The weather in your city is very pleasant ... if you don't mind may I steal a moment from it
# 7
Aye aasmaan tere khuda se nahi hai khauff ... aye zameen tere aadmi se darr lagta hai
Hey sky, I'm not scared of your god ... hey earth, I'm scared of your humans
# 8
Saare devtaon mein yamraj hi ek aaisa devta hai jiske naam ke baad bhi kuch nahi lagaya jaata ... na ji, na babu ... aur na hi uske naam ke pehle shri lagaya jaata hai ... kyun ki yamraj apne aap mein ek poora naam hai ... yamraj sirf yamraj hai
Out of all the gods only the god of death is someone who does not have a title behind his name ... neither lord, nor sir ... and neither do we apply dear before his name ... because the god of death is a full name by itself ... the god of death is just the god of death
# 9
Sapna dekhne ka haq sabko hai ... lekin aaise sapne ki taraf mat bhaago joh tumhe khudkhushi ki taraf le jaye
Everyone has the right to see a dream ... but don't run towards such dreams which will take you towards suicide
# 10
Toofan mein toh hum khushi se jaate hai ... yun jhoomkar marte hai ki jee jaate hai ... tum toh woh ho jisse samundar kha jaata hai ... arre hum toh woh hai joh samundar ko pee jaate hai
I go happily into the storm ... I waver and die and hence I live ... you are someone who gets eaten by the ocean ... I'm someone who drinks the ocean
# 11
Aksar log school mein padhte hai aur padhate hai ... lekin bahut kam log hote hai joh apne aap mein school hote hai
Usually people learn and teach in school ... but there are very few people who are a school by themselves
# 12
Jis tarah husn aane se nazakat aa jaati hai ... ussi tarah mardon mein haisiyat aane se guroor aa jaata hai
Just like you get delicacy when you get a beautiful body ... just like that men get pride when they get a status
# 13
Zamane ki nazarein hai mere gunahon par ... kisi ko apna chehra bhi dikhai deta hai, nahi ... tum jahan hote ho wahan hote hai khoon aur laash ke saude ... phir bhi vardi par daag dikhai deta hai, nahi
The world is keeping an eye on my crimes ... and can anyone see their own face, no ... the deals of blood and bodies happen wherever you are ... and even after that do you see any marks on the uniform, no
# 14
Mar gaye toh mar gaye, iski hum mein chinta nahi ... jaan jaane ki jaaye, maut aane ki aaye
I'll die if I have to die, I'm not worried about that ... if life has to go then let it go, if death has to come then let it come
# 15
Sher ki sawari ki sabse zyada dardnak baat yahi hoti hai ... ki jab bhi koi uski sawari se utarna chahta hai ... woh sher usse kha jaata hai
The most dangerous thing of a tiger ride is that ... whenever anyone wants to get down from that ride ... that tiger will eat him
# 16
Sapnon ke haar goothne behti thi zindagi ... joh phool kam pad gaye toh kaante pe roh liye
Life had sat down to make the garland of dreams ... and when the flowers were short then it cried for the thorns
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