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Military Raaj

Release Year - 1998
# 1
Ghar aaye mehmaan ko salute dekar uski izzat karna hamare desh ki parampara hai ... aur dushman ke ghar mein ghuskar usse phoond dena hamari army ki shaan hai
It's the tradition of our country to salute the guest that comes homes and give them respect ... and it's the pride of our army to enter the enemies house and kill them
# 2
Kuch nasoor itne ghinaune hote hai ki aadmi unka dard toh seh sakta hai ... magar unhe kisi ko dikha nahi sakta
Some ulcers are so bad that a person can bear it's pain ... but he can't show them to anyone
# 3
Zamane bhar ki logon ki auladen pehda hokar paalne mein palti hai ... lekin hamari auladen seedhi kursi par behetti hai
The children of the world after being born are nurtured in a swing ... but my children sit directly on the chair (position)
# 4
Jab raajneeti ho dagabaaz ... toh janta maange military raaj
When politics is unfaithful ... then people ask for the military rule
# 5
Tofha dekar chup rehne waale mahan hote hai ... tofha lekar chup rehne waale baimaan hote hai
The one who remains quiet after giving a gift is great ... and the one who remains quiet after taking a gift is a dishonest
# 6
Agar khul gaya yeh bhed ... toh aapki izzat mein ho jayega chhed
If this secret is out ... then a hole will be created in your dignity
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