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Aaj Ka Boss

Release Year - 2008
# 1
Yeh zindagi ek jung ka maidan hai ... yahan sar uthakar jeene ke liye insaan ko har kadam par ladna padta hai ... kabhi waqt ke saath, kabhi halaat ke saath aur kabhi maut ke saath
Life is a battlefield ... here you have to fight at every step to live with your head held high ... sometimes with time, sometimes with situations and sometimes with death
# 2
Dushman ke paas agar taqat ke saath saath dimaag bhi ho ... toh vaar uske haath pe nahi, gardan pe karna chahiye
If the enemy has a mind along with the strength ... then you should attack his neck and not his hand
# 3
Yeh shehar jurm ka bhayanak jungle hai ... aur main is jungle ka sher hoon
This city is a dangerous jungle of crime ... and I'm the tiger of this jungle
# 4
Jurm ki duniya mein wafaadar dost ... kabhi bhi gaddari kar sakta hai
In the world of crime a honest friend ... can betray anytime
# 5
Paschatap ke aasoon insaan ke bade se bade paap ko doh dalta hai
The tears of remorse can wipe the biggest of the sins of a person
# 6
Aadmi kitni hi oonchai par kyun na pahunch jaye ... aakash mein ghar nahi bana sakta ... usse sukoon is dharti ki gaud mein hi milta hai
No matter how high a person reaches ... he cannot make a house in the sky ... he will find peace only in the lap of this earth
# 7
Maut tere liye bahut aasaan sazaa hogi ... main tujhe zinda rakhoonga aur teri har saans mein maut ki bechaini bhar doonga ... taaki tu sari zindagi is hi tarah tadap-tadapkar jeeta rahe
Death will be a very easy punishment for you ... I'll keep you alive and I'll fill the restlessness of death in every breath of yours ... so that you live your entire life trembling like this
# 8
Insaan duniya ki har jung jeet sakta hai lekin ... maut ke aage usse haarna hi padta hai
A human can win every battle of the world ... but he has to lose in front of death
# 9
Jurm ki duniya mein waqt aur mauke ke hisaab se chalna padta hai
In the world of crime you have to move according to time and opportunity
# 10
Adalat se jab kisi ko saza-e-maut milti hai ... toh Rashtrapati ke paas mercy appeal karke maut se bach sakta hai ... lekin Dada Thakur jab kisi ko maut ki sazaa sunata hai ... toh uske liye zindagi ke sare raste band ho jaate hai
When someone gets the death penalty from the court ... then you can prevent death by making a mercy appeal to the President ... but when Dada Thakur announces someone's death ... then all the roads of his life close out
# 11
Yeh woh rasta hai jiske dayen, bayen aur peeche maut ki gehri khai hai
This is that path which has a deep drop on its right side, left side and behind
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