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Aruna Irani

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# 1
Aap hi jaise logon ki buzdili ki kok se nikli hui najayaz aulaaden hai yeh
These guys are illegitimate children who are born from the womb of cowards like you
# 2
Pyar bahut baar ho jaata hai ... lekin mohabbat sirf ek baar hoti hai
You can fall in love many times ... but passion for love can only happens once
# 3
Joh toofan mein palta hai ... wohi duniya badalta hai
The one who grows in a storm ... changes the world
# 4
Dil hai kahan ... woh toh tune le liya hai zalim
Where is the heart ... you have taken that away ruthless
# 5
Aurat ko hathyar banakar jung ladne waala mard ... mard nahi hota
A man who uses a woman as a weapon in war ... is not a man
# 6
Sachche dil se aur khuli aankhon se dekhe sapne ... hamesha sach hote hai
Dreams that are seen with a true heart and open eyes ... always come true
# 7
Aaj ke baad woh jagega toh maa kahega, soyega toh maa kahega, jeeyega toh maa kahega ... aur marega tab bhi maa kahega
From today when he wakes up he will say mother, when he sleeps he will say mother, when he lives he will say mother ... and when he dies then to he will say mother
# 8
Mujrim kitni bhi hoshyari kare ... saboot ko zameen ki kok mein dafan kyun na karde ... lekin ek na ek din uska gunaah uske samne aaine ki tarah khada ho jaata hai
No matter how smart a criminal is ... and even if buries the evidence in the ground ... but one day his crimes will come and stand in front of him like a mirror
# 9
Keechad aadmi par girre yah aadmi keechad par ... dono suraton mein daag toh aadmi par hi lagta hai
Whether the mud falls on a person or a person falls in the mud ... in both cases the person is one who gets dirty
# 10
Maa bachche ko janam deti hai, paalti hai, posti hai ... lekin bachcha maa ke nahi, baap ke naam se jana jaata hai
A mother gives birth to a child, she takes care of him, nurtures him ... but the child is known by his fathers name, not his mothers
# 11
Mere dil mein toh ek jwalamukhi hai jiske dhadakte sholon mein ... in logon ko zinda jala dene ko jee chahta hai
I wish to burn these people alive ... in the lava of the volcano that is in my heart
# 12
Malik banna hai toh kheto mein kaam kar ... kyun ki asli khazana kitaabon mein nahi, zameen mein chupa hai beta
Son, if you want to become a boss then work in the farms ... because the real treasure is not hidden in the books, it is in the ground
# 13
Samundar ki khamoshi apne andar bahut bade toofan ko chupaye hoti hai
The silence of the ocean hides a very big storm within it
# 14
Waqt ke saath saath aadmi thoda bahut zaroor badalna chahiye ... varna waqt burra maan jaata hai
With time a person should change at least just a little bit ... or else time feels bad
# 15
Joh kaam maine itni umar mein nahi kiya ... tune itni si umar mein kar liya?
The work that I haven't done in so many years ... you have done that in such a small age?
# 16
Saabit kar diya tune aaj ... ki mujh jaisi nagin ki kokh se ... tujh jaisa sapola hi paida ho sakta hai
Today you proved it ... that from the belly of a snake lady like me ... only a baby snake like you can be born
# 17
Ek aadmi aakha duniya se lad sakta hai ... magar ek aurat ka nafrat ke aage haar jaata hai
A man can fight with the entire world ... but he loses in front of the hatred from a woman
# 18
Ek aurat akeli hoti hai ... lekin zalim samaaj ko yeh nahi bhoolna chahiye ... ki ek talwar bhi akeli hoti hai
A woman can be alone ... but the cruel society shouldn't forget that ... even a sword is alone
# 19
Aaj tere ilzaamon ke barood se kasam ki woh dewaar toot hayi
Today the gunpowder from your allegations has broken the wall of promise
# 20
Roti, kapada aur makaan par kabza karne waalon ke dil ... choohe jaise hai
People who have achieved food, clothes and house ... have a heart of a mouse
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