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Kudrat (1998)

Release Year - 1998
# 1
Aurat ko hathyar banakar jung ladne waala mard ... mard nahi hota
A man who uses a woman as a weapon in war ... is not a man
# 2
Jis uljhan aur pareshani par insaan ka zor na chalta ho ... usko kudrat ke hawaale kar dena chahiye
The complications and the problems on which a person has no control ... one should leave them in the hands of god
# 3
Woh aur zakhm hote hai jinhe waqt ka marham bhar diya karta hai ... magar pehle pyar ka zakhm duniya ka koi marham bhar nahi sakta hai
Wounds that can be filled with the medicine of time are something else ... but no medicine of this world can fill the wound of first love
# 4
Jab jeb mein daulat badh jaati hai na ... toh zabaan kaboo se nikal jaati hai
When you have more money in the pocket ... then the words go out of control
# 5
Tu zinda rahega ... lekin teri har saans se main zindagi noochta rahoonga ... tu zinda rahega roz ek maut dekhne ke liye
You'll stay alive ... but I'll keep snatching your life from every breathe of yours ... and you'll stay alive to see a new death everyday
# 6
Parayi aurat aur parayi daulat par nazar nahi dalni chahiye
You should not keep an eye on someone else's woman and money
# 7
Dushmani toh aag ki tarah hoti hai ... jis mein jalne waala toh jalta hi hai ... magar jalane waale ko bhi shanti nahi milti hai
Enmity is like a fire ... in which the person who is burning will burn ... but even the person who ignites the fire will not be peaceful
# 8
Apni toh aadat hai ... daulat ho ya aurat ... nazar padh jaaye toh chuhe bagair chhodte nahi
It is my habit ... be it money or women ... once I see them, then I don't leave them without touching
Song Lyrics - Kudrat (1998)
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