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Richa Chadda

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# 1
Isse badi saza kya hogi ... ki jaan bhi nikaal li aur zinda bhi chhod diya
No punishment can be bigger than ... taking the life out and leave one to live
# 2
Har goli ke saath sirf beta nahi ... ek maa bhi mar jaati hai
With every bullet not only does a son die ... but a mother also does
# 3
Khana khao, taqat aayega ... bahar jaake beizzati mat karana
Eat food, you will get strength ... don't humiliate us outside
# 4
Pehle payment phir enjoyment
Pay first and then enjoy
# 5
Joh mera paisa dooba ... toh main dugna tere pichwaade mein haath dalke nikalongi
If I lose my money ... then I will use my hand and recuperate double from your backside
# 6
Dil kyun kisi par aitbaar karta hai ... yeh bas dil hi jaanta hai
Why does a heart trust someone ... only the heart knows that
# 7
Duniya ki tarah kahani bhi chalti hi rehti hai ... uska kabhi koi perfect the end nahi hota
Just like the world even a story continues to move on ... it never has a perfect the end
# 8
Har chehre par emotions hote hai ... aur unmein basi alag alag kahaniyan
There are emotions on every face ... and there are different types of stories hidden in them
# 9
Yakeen ke chakke pe toh duniya ghoomti hai ... maano toh mitti mein khazana hai, na maano toh khazane mein mitti
The world spins on the wheel of belief ... if you believe then there's treasure in the dust, if you don't then there's dust in the treasure
# 10
Shaadi karega? ... saala jhandu!
You want to get married? ... bloody jerk!
# 11
He can escape ... but no one can escape him
He can escape ... but no one can escape him
# 12
Main shaadi shuda hoon ... par kismat ki maari hoon ... magar apne baap ki janni nahi joh jhooth bolun ... main aaj bhi tumhari hoon
I'm married ... but my destiny has been hard on me ... if I'm lying then I'm not a daughter of my father ... and even today I belong to you all
# 13
Rishtey darwazo ki tarah hote hai ... koi naya rishta judhta hai toh darwaze khulte hai ... koi rishta tootta hai toh darwaza bandh ho jaata hai ... par kuch darwaze hum itni zor se bandh karte hai ki woh darasal bandh hi nahi hote ... bas jhoolte reh jaate hai ... aur humein pata bhi nahi chalta par halke se khule reh jaate hai
Relationships are like doors ... doors open up when a new relationship is formed ... a door closes when a relationship ends ... but we try to close some doors so hard that they end up not being closed ... they just keep swinging around ... and we don't even come to know that they remain slightly open
# 14
Joh na karta tumse pyar ... usko maaro jootey char
The one who doesn't love you ... hit that person with shoes
# 15
Main kunwari hoon ... tezz kataari hoon ... par main tumhari hoon
I'm a bachelorette ... I'm fast and sharp ... but I belong to you all
# 16
Kauva ho ya hans ... har panchi ki fitrat rehti hai udaan barne ki
Be it a crow or a swan ... it's in the nature of every bird to fly
# 17
Bhagwan ne do hi toh achi cheezein banayi hai ... filmein aur main
God has created only two good things ... movies and me
# 18
Kuch logon ko pata hota hai ki kya karna hai, kahan jaana hai ... aur woh apne taqdeer se lad-jagadkar apna maqam bana hi lete hai ... aur kuch logon ko kainaat chunti hai ... unhe bas us chunne huye raste pe chalna hota hai
Some people know what they have to do, where they have to go ... and they fight with their destiny and attain their goals ... while some people get selected by the universe ... and they just have to walk on that selected path
# 19
Jahan na pahunche ravi, wahan pahunche kavi
A poet's pen can reach even those places where the sun can't reach
# 20
Ishq nahi full-on ishqeria ho gaya tha mujhe
Not just simple love, I was totally crazy in love
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