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Shortcut Romeo

Release Year - 2013
# 1
Agar kharab aadmi ke saath game kheloge ... toh itna yaad rakho ... usmein koi rules nahi rehte
If you play a game with a bad man ... then remember ... there are no rules in it
# 2
Jab paise ki baat aati hai ... toh sabka dharm ek hi hota hai
When it comes to money ... everyone has the same religion
# 3
Jabse tumhe dekha hai ... maine tumpe apna naam likh diya hai
Since I've seen you ... I've written my name on you
# 4
Main bhaagta nahi hoon ... bhagaata hoon
I don't run ... I make others run
# 5
Dil ko dil se bas chookar woh sukh mil jaata hai joh ... badan ko badan se ghisat ghisatkar nahi milta
The happiness a heart gets by touching another heart ... is something that a body doesn't get on rubbing with another body
# 6
Agar paisa chahiye toh pyar ko bhool jao ... aur pyar chahiye toh paise ko bhool jao
If you need money then forget love ... and if you need love then forget money
Song Lyrics - Shortcut Romeo
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