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Sharad Kelkar

# 1
Peeche se woh lete hai ... jinke paas saamne se lene ka hathyar nahi hota hai
People who attack from behind ... don't have the weapons to attack from the front
# 2
Is baat mein koi shak nahi ke gulaab ka koi jawab nahi ... khubsoorat hote hai is liye bhi aur kaanton ke beech khilte hai is liye bhi
There is no doubt that a rose flower is amazing ... because it is beautiful and also because it grows up in the middle of thorns
# 3
Dushman ko pechanne ke liye aankh nahi ... nazar chahiye
To identify an enemy you don't need eyes ... you need the sight
# 4
Pyar karne waalo ko bewakoof banana kitna aasaan hai
It is so easy to fool people in love
# 5
Itihaas ki ek khasiyat hoti hai ... jab bhi woh khudko dohrata hai ... toh saare pyaade wahin khade milte hai
History has a speciality ... whenever it repeats itself ... then you find all the pawns standing in the same place
# 6
Ranbhoomi mein tantra, mantra ya phir yantra chalta hai ... lekin vijayi wohi hota hai jahan shadyantra chalta hai
In the battlefield you use either prayers or weapons ... but only the one who uses conspiracy becomes the winner
# 7
Jab dushman ko hara na sake aur khud ki haar manzoor na ho ... toh ek hi raasta bachta hai ... sulah
When you can't defeat your enemy and when you can't accept defeat ... then there's only one way out ... to reconcile
# 8
Zindagi mein kisi bhi mukaam par pahunchkar sabse zaroori hai kuch pal wahan rukna ... peeche dekhna ... aur un logon ko thanks bolna jinki wajah se aaj aap us mukaam par ho
In life whenever you reach great heights, then the most important thing is to pause there ... look behind ... and say thanks to those people because of whom you were able to attain those great heights today
# 9
Hai liye hathyar dushman taak mein baitha udhar ... aur hum taiyaar hai seena liye apna idhar ... khoon se khelenge Holi, ghar watan mushkil mein hai ... sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai
The enemy is alert with a weapon on the other side ... and here I'm ready with my chest ... we'll play Holi with blood as our country in facing tough times ... and the desire for revolution is in our hearts
# 10
Ek bache ko aasmaan mein udne ke liye par aur oonchai se girne ka dar ... dono maa baap se hi milte hai
For a kid, the wings to fly in the sky and the fear of falling from height ... both qualities are given by the parents
# 11
Hide and seek toh bache khele hai ... yo hide and cheek hai
Kids play the game of hide and seek ... but this is hide and scream
# 12
Jab tak haarne ka darr na ho na ... tab tak jeetne mein maza nahi aata
Until you don't have the fear of losing ... till then there's no fun in winning
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