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Release Year - 2013
# 1
Sirf insaan galat nahi hote ... waqt bhi galat ho sakta hai
Not only can humans be wrong ... even the time can be wrong
# 2
Zinda laane ki zaroorat nahi ... murde bhi chalenge
No need to get them alive ... dead is also fine
# 3
Galatiya bhi rishto ki tarah hoti hai ... karni nahi padti ... ho jaati hai
Mistakes are like relations ... you don't have to do them ... they just happen
# 4
Trigger kheench ... mamla mat kheench ... khinch gaya na toh bahut takleef doonga
Pull the trigger ... don't pull the matter ... if it gets pulled then I will give you a lot of suffering
# 5
Yeh mulk toh meri maa hai ... aur Mumbai shehar meri mashooka
This country is my mother ... and the city of Mumbai is my love
# 6
Tum logon ke saath soti ho aur main logon ko sulata hoon
You sleep with people and I make people sleep forever
# 7
Bikte toh sabhi hai ... kuch paiso se kuch jazbaat se
Everyone sells ... some for money and some for emotions
# 8
Aaj joh kahani khatam kar di hai humne ... isse sunaane waale toh bahut honge ... darr toh yeh hai ki, shayad isse sunne waala koi nahi hoga
Today the story that we have finished ... there will be many to tell it ... but I am scared that, may be there will be no one to listen to it
# 9
Duayen apno ke liye li jaati hai
We pray for our loved ones
# 10
Jitne saare log ... utni kamzoriya
The more the people ... the more the weaknesses
# 11
Koi bhi mission mera ya tumhara nahi ... desh ka hota hai
No mission is either yours or mine ... it is of the country
Song Lyrics - D-Day
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