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Chashme Buddoor (1981)

Release Year - 1981
# 1
Tu patte baant ... jiski mem uski game
You deal the cards ... one who gets the queen wins the game
# 2
Gundon ko ek lakh aur bhale aadmi ko ek hazaar
Goons get one lakh and the good man gets one thousand
# 3
Pehle jaan pehchaan, phir dheere dheere dosti, phir pyar mohabbat ... phir waghera waghera
First get to know, then slowly slowly friendship, then love romance ... then etc. etc.
# 4
Naukri mili hai ... tankha nahi
I've got a job ... not the salary
# 5
Pehli tareek se, badi company mein, chota afsar ban raha hoon
From the 1st, in a big company, I am becoming a small officer
# 6
Dil mein kisi ke raah kiye ja raha hoon main ... kitna haseen gunah kiye ja raha hoon main
I'm making a path in someone's heart ... what a beautiful crime I'm doing
# 7
Yeh ashtray bhi khali karde ... yeh aur zulm nahin seh payegi
Clean this ashtray also ... it won't be able to bear any more oppression
# 8
Pehle mooh toh kadva karo
First make your taste bitter
# 9
Zikr us parivash ka aur bayan apna ... ban gaya raqeeb aakhir tha joh razdan apna
The tale of that beauty and my eloquent speech ... he who was my confidant has become my rival
# 10
Jaya-ji ke baad ... bada vacuum aa gaya hai industry mein
After Jaya-ji ... there has been a big vacuum in the industry
# 11
Oh ho shikaar!
Oh ho prey!
# 12
Maine joh tumhe chaha kya is mein khata meri ... yeh tum ho ya aaina, insaaf zara karna
It's not my mistake that I love you ... whether it's you or the mirror, please do the justice
# 13
Bankar, savarkar woh nikle makaan se ... yahi shor hoga yahan se, wahan se ... qayamat qayamat kisse kehte ho ... woh dekho qayamat chali jaa rahi hai
She has stepped out of her house all dressed up ... there will be voices shouting that from here and there ... whom are you calling a calamity ... look there is a calamity passing by
# 14
Mere dost beediyon par utar aaye hain
My friends are down to beedis
# 15
Udhar hai intezar apna, idhar dil beqarar apna ... aaye hai tere dar pe Omi, tu karde beda-par apna
There she is waiting for me, here my heart is restless ... Mr. Omi has come to your door, you please make me happy
Song Lyrics - Chashme Buddoor (1981)
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