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Pati Patni Aur Woh

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Biwi se sex maang le toh hum bikhari ... biwi ko sex na de toh hum atyachari ... aur kisi tarah jugaad lagake usse sex hasil karle na toh balatkari bhi hum hai
If we ask for sex from our wife then we're beggars ... if we don't give her sex then we're cruel ... and if we somehow hack our way into attaining sex from her then we're rapist as well
# 2
Phir kabhi kisi ne aapke hasi ki tareef ki ... toh sochiyega yeh hasi aapke chehre pe hai kis wajah se
If someone praises your smile ... then think who's the person behind that smile on your face
# 3
Tum joh karte ho uspe pyar aata hai ... aur joh nahi karte uspe zyada pyar aata hai
What you do, I love that ... and what you don't do, I love that more
# 4
Pati patni aur woh ke khele mein ... woh toh saala us gap ka naam hai ... joh pati aur patni apne beech mein aa jaane dete hai, khud hi
In the game of husband, wife, and the other woman ... the other woman is the name of that gap ... which the husband and the wife create between them, by themselves
# 5
Zindagi mein ek hoti hai haqeeqat aur ek hoti hai kapol kalpana
In life there's one thing called reality and another thing called fantasy
# 6
Jaisi kaali raat mein khil uthta hai chaand ... in my classes you are the best teacher on demand
Like the moon shines on a dark night ... just like that in my classes you're the best teacher on demand
# 7
No but, no why ... free free bird and blue blue sky
No but, no why ... let's fly like a free bird in the blue sky
# 8
Aisa koi prashan nahi hai jiska uttar, Uttar Pradesh mein na mile
There's no a question for which the answer can't be found in Uttar Pradesh
# 9
Jahan chah wahan raah hoti hai ... aur jahan pyar wahan parwah hoti hai
Where there's a will, there's a way ... and where there's love, there's concern
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