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Sharman Joshi

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# 1
Kisi bhi ladai mein haarta woh nahi joh girta hai ... balki woh joh girke uthta nahi hai
In any fight a person who falls doesn't lose ... but the one who falls and doesn't get up loses
# 2
Dono taange tudawa ke apne pairon pe khada hona seekha hai
I have learnt to stand up on my feet after having broken both my legs
# 3
Aap apni naukri rakh lijiye ... main apna attitude rakh leta hoon
You may keep your job ... and I'll keep my attitude
# 4
Global warming ke liye yahi kamina responsible hai
This bloody guy is responsible for global warming
# 5
Doobara yeh galati mat karna ... varna agli baar pachtaane ka mauka bhi nahi milega
Don't do this mistake again ... or else the next time you won't even get an opportunity to repent for it
# 6
Kapdon se tramp lagta hoon ... lekin tramp ko hi triumph milti hai
I look like a tramp from my clothes ... but only trampy people find triumph
# 7
Hum hum hai ... baki sab pani kam hai
I am great ... and everyone else is nothing
# 8
Qatil koi aur hi hai ... yeh pata lagane mein hi toh is vardi ki shaan hai ... varna vardiyan toh kiraye pe bhi milti hai
The killer is someone else ... the pride of this police uniform lies in finding him ... otherwise you get police uniforms on rent as well
# 9
Joh log burre time mein Vada Pav khate hai ... woh achche time mein bada bhav khate hai
Those who eat Vada Pav in their hard times ... have a lot of attitude in their good times
# 10
Sirf do hi tareeke hai ... pehla pyar ka doosra talwar ka ... bas fark itna hai ki talwar ek ko do karti hai ... par pyar do ko ek karta hai
There are only two ways ... first of love and second of sword ... the only difference is that a sword cuts one into two ... and love connects two into one
# 11
Duniya mein do cheezein infinite hai ... yeh universe aur mard ka ego
There are two things that are infinite in the world ... this universe and the ego of a man
# 12
Kya farak padta hai Daler ho ya Udhas ... show ka mazaa aayega jab aap ho hamare paas
What difference does it make whether it's Daler Mehndi or Pankaj Udhas ... the show will be fun when you are with me
# 13
If you're not with me ... you're against me
If you're not with me ... you're against me
# 14
Is Madhuri ke saath ek do teen karne ka mauka mile na ... toh koi ek kya, do teen biwiyon ko bhi dokha dede
If I get a chance to do 1, 2, 3 (dance) with this Madhuri ... then forget one, I'll even cheat two or three wives
# 15
Mera jaisa chocolate hero action thodi na karega ... entry maroonga late, tab tak action karega mera duplicate
A chocolate hero like me won't do action ... I'll enter late, and until then my duplicate will do the action
# 16
Revenge, you have many faces
Revenge, you have many faces
# 17
Yeh andha kanoon likhega kab tak meri kahani ... ek haath mein yeh kaala coat, doosre mein jawani
Until when will this blind law write my story ... in one hand I have this black coat, and my youth in the other
# 18
Justice can be delayed but not denied
Justice can be delayed but not denied
# 19
Kamine ka bhai kutta kamina hota hai
The brother of a scoundrel is called a bloody scoundrel
# 20
Agar aadmi ko nakaamyab hi hona ho ... toh kam se kam us kaam mein ho jisse woh karna chahta hai
If a person has to be unsuccessful ... then at least it should be in the work that he wants to do
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