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Release Year - 2007
# 1
Duniya mein do cheezein infinite hai ... yeh universe aur mard ka ego
There are two things that are infinite in the world ... this universe and the ego of a man
# 2
Idhar aa raqeeb mere tujhe main gale se laga loon ... mera ishq bemazaa tha teri dushmani se pehle
Come here my rival so that I can give you a hug ... since my love was no fun before your enmity
# 3
Muntazir hoon kab se, ki itni shafaa meri aahon mein aaye ... kuch dawa ho jayegi zindagi ki, maut agar teri baahon mein aaye
I'm waiting since a long time for some recovery to come in my cries ... life will get a little bit of medicine, if death comes in your arms
# 4
Hum jab bhi kuch hasil karte hai na ... uske saath saath usse khone ka darr bhi hasil karte hai
Whenever we achieve something ... then with that we also achieve the fear of losing that
# 5
Zindagi ki sabse badi tradegy hai ... kisi zinda insaan ke andar jazbaat ka mar jana
The biggest tradegy of life is ... the dying of feelings in a living person
# 6
Hum apni kamzori ko agar kamzori samajhna chhod de ... toh duniya bhi usse kamzori nahi samajhti
If we stop considering our weakness as a weakness ... then even the world doesn't treat it as our weakness
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