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Wajah Tum Ho

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Dil mein tum ho, dhadkan mein tum ho, meri har raah ki manzil bhi tum ho ... ab aur iske aage main kya kahoon ... mere jeene ki wajah tum ho
You're in my heart, you're in my heartbeats, you're the destination of every path of mine ... now what more can I say beyond this ... you're the reason why I'm living
# 2
Qatil koi aur hi hai ... yeh pata lagane mein hi toh is vardi ki shaan hai ... varna vardiyan toh kiraye pe bhi milti hai
The killer is someone else ... the pride of this police uniform lies in finding him ... otherwise you get police uniforms on rent as well
# 3
Aaj is bhatakti khushboo ko thikana de do ... main agar baarish hoon toh tumpe toot jaane ki izaazat de do
Today, give some settlement to this vagrant fragrance ... if I'm the rains, then give me permission to pour on you
# 4
Crime aur sharaab jitni purani ho jaye ... utni keemat badhti hai
The more older crime and alcohol become ... their value increases that much
# 5
Revenge, you have many faces
Revenge, you have many faces
# 6
Justice can be delayed but not denied
Justice can be delayed but not denied
# 7
Har kisi ka ek kal hota hai ... har kisi se koi galti hoti hai ... har kisi ki koi na koi kahani hoti hai ... kisi ki poori ho jaati hai, toh kisi ki adhoori reh jaati hai ... aur un sabki ek wajah hoti hai
Everyone has a past ... everyone makes a mistake ... everyone has a story ... someone's story ends and someones's story remains incomplete ... and all of these things have a reason
# 8
Himmat tab mat dikhao jab aasaan ho
Don't show your courage when it's easy
# 9
Waqt ki keemat nahi lagate ... kadar karte hai
Never put a price tag on time ... you should value it
# 10
Police walon ko sirf do log pehchaan sakte hai ... ek toh khud police wale ... doosra chor
Only two types of people can recognize police officers ... one police officers themselves ... and second criminals
# 11
Adalat mein jab rape case discuss hota hai na ... toh it's not less than a rape itself
When a rape case is discussed in the court ... then it's not less than a rape itself
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