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Release Year - 2005
# 1
Kutta jab gaadi ke peeche bhaagta hai toh ... usko gaadi khareedni hai yah chalani hoti hai?
When a dog runs behind a car then ... does he want to buy the car or drive it?
# 2
Meri toh har raat suhaag raat hoti hai
Every night of mine is a nuptial night
# 3
Jab ek aurat se itna dukh utha liya ... toh doosri aurat se thoda sa sukh uthana yaar
Since you've taken so much grief from one woman ... hence take a little bit of enjoyment from another woman
# 4
Aapka dimaag cassette ki tarah dono taraf chalta hai ... A side bhi, B side bhi
Your mind works from both sides like a cassette ... from A side, and from B side
# 5
Be positive yaar
Be positive pal
# 6
Haste huye chehre ka gham padhna kitna mushkil hota hai
It is hard to read the sadness behind a smiling face
# 7
Roz sach bolta hoon toh pitai ... aaj pehli baar jhoot bola toh mithai
Everyday I said the truth and I was beaten ... and today I lied for the first time and I got a sweet
# 8
Badminton court jao, tennis court jao, food court jao ... lekin woh court mat jaana
Go to a badminton court, tennis court, food court ... but don't go to the real court
# 9
Woh na pichle janam mein sudhra tha, na is janam mein sudhra hai, na agle janam mein sudhrega
He did not improve in his last life, he has not improved in this life, and he will not improve in his next life
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