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Release Year - 1999
# 1
Itne barson ke baad aaj tu mujhe mila ... khush hone ke bajaye seedhe aag ughalne laga
You've met me after so many years ... and instead of being happy, you're directly throwing flames
# 2
Hum gareebon ke paas ek hi chaddar hoti hai ... joh aankh khuli rehne tak oodhi jaati hai ... aankh bandh ho jaane ke baad us hi ka kafan bana diya jaata hai
We poor people only have one blanket ... which is used to cover as long as the eyes are open ... and when the eyes get closed then the same is turned into a shroud
# 3
Gareebi se bada is duniya mein koi shraap nahi hai ... aur bhook se bada koi dukh nahi
There is no bigger curse than poverty in this world ... and no bigger sorrow than hunger
# 4
Jurm ki duniya mein aane ke anginat raaste hai ... lekin yahan se bahar jaane ka koi raasta nahi hai
There are countless ways to enter into the world of crime ... but there is not a single way to leave it
# 5
Chaaron aur kudrat ka phaila kaisa yeh andhera hai ... maut ka taandav hai, gidhon ka dhera hai ... na pedhon ki chaanv hai, na kahin basera hai ... is bhayanak baat ka nahi koi savera hai ... maut ke khel se bachne bhaag rahe hai yeh log ... is hi dharti se judhe the, kyun bhool rahe hai yeh log ... dukh, peedha aur chaaron aur nirasha hai ... na jeene ki aur na jeevan ki asha hai ... kahin bhi duniya mein na padhe dharti par sookha ... insaan sab kuch seh sakta hai, par nahi reh sakta bhookha
There is darkness spread by nature all around ... death is dancing and jackals are in a group ... there is no shade from the trees and neither there is a colony ... this dangerous thing has no morning ... these people who are trying to escape from the game of death ... why do they forget that they are connected to this earth ... there is sadness, pain and despair all around ... there is no hope of life or living ... may there never be a drought anywhere on this earth ... since a human can bear everything, except hunger
# 6
Ek shareef aadmi doosre shareef aadmi ko bhool sakta hai ... lekin ek gunehgar doosre gunehgar ko nahi bhoolta
A honest person can forget another honest person ... but a criminal can never forget another criminal
# 7
Zindabad, murdabad ... Hyderabad, Ahmedabad ... aaise mein yeh gareeb toh ho jaaye na barbaad
Long live, down down ... Hyderabad, Ahmedabad ... with these slogans a poor man will get destroyed
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