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Konkona Sen Sharma

# 1
Ek baar kisi daayan ke saath so lo ... toh phir kisi aur ke saath neend hi nahi aati
Once you sleep with a witch ... then you'll not be able to sleep with anyone else
# 2
Hassi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai duniya mein
A smile is getting more and more expensive in the world
# 3
Goals paane ki khushi tabhi mehsoos hoti hai ... jab usse kisi ke saath share kar sako
You feel the happiness of achieving goals ... when you can share that with someone
# 4
Chabuk banakar tudha maroongi na ... hosh aayega toh budha ho jayega
If I'll use my hand and hit you as a whip ... then you'll be old when you regain your consciousness
# 5
Koi rishta agar sach ki talwar nahi jhel sakta ... toh uska toot jana hi achcha hai
If a relationship can't handle the sword of truth ... then it's better for it to break
# 6
Mard aur aurat mein kadhai karchi ka rishta hove ... akele rehve toh manoosiya ... aur saale saath rehve toh khana kan, khana kan, khana kan
The relationship of a man and a woman is like that of a pan and a stirrer ... when they are alone, they are useless ... and when they stay together, then they make a lot of noise
# 7
Meri toh juein bhi nahi nachi aaj tak
Not even my louses have danced to date
# 8
Jhatak ke patak doongi, latak ke mar jayega
I will jolt and throw you, and you'll die hanging
# 9
Is shehar ko yeh malum nahi ki pada kisse paala hai ... Barkhi ko mil gayi chutti, ab yeh shehar badalne waala hai
This city doesn't know against whom is it standing ... Barkhi has got a holiday, and now this city is going to change
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