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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Jeb mein paise ho na ho ... log coffee peena kabhi nahi chhodenge
Whether people have money in their pocket or not ... they will never leave drinking coffee
# 2
Paise ho na ho ... pyar apna jugaad nikaal hi leta hai
Whether money is there or not ... love will find it way
# 3
If there is love ... toh tees rupaye aur ek cup coffee enough hai happiness ke liye
If there is love ... then Rs. 30 and one cup of coffee is enough for happiness
# 4
Life at sixty end nahi hoti ... start hoti hai
Life doesn't end at sixty ... it starts there
# 5
Agar aaj jeete na toh hamesha ke liye haar jaoge
If you win today then you'll lose forever
# 6
Pyar kha lenge, pyar pehen lenge ... pyar petrol tank mein bhar kar gaadi chala lenge
We will eat love, we will wear love ... we will fill love in the petrol tank and drive the car
# 7
Oh hotness ... kha jaun tereko?
You are very hot ... can I eat you?
# 8
Humayun's Tomb ho ya Taj Mahal ... mera bhi love in monuments ki tarha rock solid rahega centuries and centuries tak
Just like Humayun's Tomb and Taj Mahal ... my love will also be rock solid like these monuments for centuries and centuries
# 9
Paise nahi toh kya hua ... pyar toh hai unlimited
So what if I don't have money ... I have unlimited love
# 10
Uski market value kam hogi lekin ... character is priceless
His market value may be less ... but his character is priceless
# 11
Pyar kabhi kam na karna sanam ... har kami hum gawara kar lenge
My love just don't ever love me less ... I'll bear every other limitation
# 12
Khali jeb Romeo type tevar achche nahi lagte
This Romeo type attitude doesn't look good with empty pockets
# 13
Yeh chilled nahi child beer hai
This is child's beer, not chilled beer
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