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Kareena Kapoor

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# 1
Tum Gujarati log itne cute hote ho ... par tum log ka khana itna khatarnak kyun hota hai ... dhokla, fafda, handva, thepla ... aaise lagta hai jaise koi missiles hai
You Gujarati people are so cute ... but why is your food so dangerous ... dhokla, fafda, handva, thepla ... it sounds like they are missiles
# 2
Mere saath prom jaane ke liye tum sabko teen departments mein brilliant hona chahiye ... and that is good looks, good looks and good looks
To go to the prom with me you all have to be brilliant in three departments ... and that is good looks, good looks and good looks
# 3
Is janam mein bauji toh kya, khud Bajrangbali bhi aa jaye ... toh woh bhi mujhe tumse shaadi karne se nahi rok sakte
In this life forget dad, even if lord Hanuman comes ... then even he will not be able to stop me from marrying you
# 4
Main apni favorite hoon
I am my own favorite
# 5
Jab koi pyar mein hota hai ... toh koi sahi galat nahin hota
When someone is in love ... then there is no right wrong
# 6
Ek biwi bewafaa ho sakti hai ... ek ladki, ek premika bewafaa ho sakti hai ... par ek maa bewafaa nahi ho sakti
A wife can be unfaithful ... a beloved girl can be unfaithful ... but a mother cannot be unfaithful
# 7
Hum jis raaste ko apnate hai ... woh utna hi important hai jitni hamari manzil
The path that we take ... is also as important as our destination is
# 8
Ab toh mera haath chhod do ... itni bhi sundar nahin hoon main
Atleast leave my hand now ... I am not that beautiful
# 9
Aaj Bush ne Iraq pe do dhokle gira diye
Today Bush dropped two dhokla's on Iraq
# 10
Bachpan se hi naa ... mujhe shaadi karne ka bahut craze hai, by god
Since childhood ... I have been crazy about getting married, swear on god
# 11
Sikhni hoon main ... Bhatinda ki!
I am Sikh girl ... from Bhatinda!
# 12
Sab ladko ko ek hi cheez mein interest hota hai
All guys are interested in only one thing
# 13
Aaj tak life mein ek train nahin chuti meri
To date I have never missed a train in life
# 14
Chaand jab aadha ho jaave hai na ... toh bhi chaand hi kehlave hai
When the moon becomes half ... it is still called as the moon
# 15
Nark mein hoon ... par swarg ka raasta jaanti hoon
I am in hell ... but I know the way to heaven
# 16
Funda zyada ho gaya na?
To much of fundamentals right?
# 17
Jab dil, dil se baat karta hai ... toh hoton ko chup rehna chahiye
When a heart is talking to a heart ... then the lips must remain quiet
# 18
A son is a son till he gets himself a wife ... but a daughter is a daughter all her life
A son is a son till he gets himself a wife ... but a daughter is a daughter all her life
# 19
Agar stuntman ko acting aati ... to woh hero nahi ban jaate
If only the stuntman knew how to act ... they would become heroes
# 20
Climax ke pehle hi meri love story ka end ho gaya hai
My love story has ended before the climax
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