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Tusshar Kapoor

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# 21
Pyar paise se khareeda nahi ja sakta barabar hai ... magar iske upar kharcha bahut hai
It's true that love can't be bought with money ... but you spend a lot on it
# 22
Tum dono bhai behan ne milkar meri maa behan kar di hai
You both brother and sister have made me go crazy
# 23
Kishore Kumar ka gaana aur Bharat ka rashtra geet ... inhe kabhi aadhe chhodkar nahi jaate
Songs of Kishore Kumar and the national anthem of India ... you should never leave them in between
# 24
Mere bare mein itna mat soocho ... main din mein aata hoon, raat mein nahi ... till then do whatever you want to man
Don't think a lot about me ... I come during the day, and not at night ... till then do whatever you want to man
# 25
Hamara art of living ka class ... matlab daru ka khamba aur teen glass
Our art of living class ... means a bottle of alcohol and three glasses
# 26
No commitment, only entertainment ... no suhaag, only raat ... no mangalsutra, only kamasutra
No commitment, only entertainment ... no marriage, only night ... no wedding necklace, only kamasutra
# 27
Isse pehle ki rab ne bana di jodi ... chadh lo do ya teen aur ghodi
Before you get married ... jump on two or three more horses
# 28
Staff hi malik ko banata hai ... malik staff ko nahi
The staff makes the boss ... the boss doesn't make the staff
# 29
Kaam ke chakkar mein hum log Page 3 parties mein badi aash lekar jaate the ... aur issi liye aaj bhi hum yahan apni apni ass lekar aaye hai
In search for work we used to go to Page 3 parties with a lot of hopes ... and that's why we have come here today with our ass
# 30
Mujhe do minute mein pet bhar waali koi Maggi nahi ... balki saat janamon ka pyar dene waali chahiye ... mujhe DP nahi BP chahiye, beautiful patni
I don't need Maggi (noodles) that fills your stomach in 2 minutes ... instead I need someone who can love me for 7 rebirths ... I need a BP (Beautiful Partner) and not a DP (Display Picture)
# 31
Rishtey waqt se nahi, jazbaaton se mazboot hote hai ... kabhi koi ek saal tak janane ke baad bhi apne dil ki baat nahi samajh paata ... toh kabhi koi kisi ko ek pal mein apna jeevan saathi maan leta hai
Relationships become strong by emotions and not by time ... sometimes even after knowing someone for a year we still don't know what our heart wants ... and sometimes in one moment we consider someone to be our life partner
# 32
Haath pair mein dum nahi ... lekin hum kisi se kam nahi
We may not have power in our hands and feets ... but we are not less than anyone
# 33
Agar chain se sona hai toh jaag jaiye!
If you want to sleep peacefully then wake up!
# 34
Sabke saamne apahij hone ka raag ... aur asal mein bhaag Milkha bhaag
You pretend to be crippled in front of everyone ... and in reality you run like Milkha Singh
# 35
Coffee ya dinner, jisse bhi bhare tumhara pet ... can we go on a date?
Coffee or dinner, whatever fills your stomach ... can we go on a date?
# 36
Valet parking toh suna tha dude ... lekin yeh toh valley parking ho gaya
Dude I had heard about valet parking ... but this turned out to be valley parking
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