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Kya Love Story Hai

Release Year - 2007
# 1
Agar tumhe kuch chahiye toh usse haasil karne ke liye tumhe ladna padta hai ... chahe woh kamyaabi ho ya pyar
If you want something then you have to fight to get it ... whether it's success or love
# 2
Joh kuch nahi karta ... uska kuch nahi hota
The one who doesn't do anything ... nothing will happen for him
# 3
Jisse jitni door jaana hota hai ... safar utni hi jaldi shuru karna padta hai
The farther one wants to go ... the earlier he has to start his journey
# 4
Rishtey waqt se nahi, jazbaaton se mazboot hote hai ... kabhi koi ek saal tak janane ke baad bhi apne dil ki baat nahi samajh paata ... toh kabhi koi kisi ko ek pal mein apna jeevan saathi maan leta hai
Relationships become strong by emotions and not by time ... sometimes even after knowing someone for a year we still don't know what our heart wants ... and sometimes in one moment we consider someone to be our life partner
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