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Love U Mr. Kalakaar

Release Year - 2011
# 1
Denhar koi aur hai, devat hai din rain ... log bharam humpe kare, aasoon neeche nain
The real giver is someone else (not me), who gives enough to be given away ... people think I'm giving, hence I'm ashamed and I keep my eyes low
# 2
Meri pasand woh nahi hoga joh croreon kamayega ... meri pasand woh hoga joh croreon ka dil jeetega
My choice will not be someone who makes millions ... my choice will be someone who wins millions of hearts
# 3
Anushasan sabse zaroori yahi hai ... iske baad kadi mehnat, lagan aur apne aapko sabit karne ki ichcha ... I think agar yeh chaar ghun kisi mein bhi ho toh woh zaroor safal hoga
Discipline is the most important thing ... after that hard work, dedication and the desire to prove yourself ... I think if someone has these four qualities then he will definitely be successful
# 4
Ek achche aadmi ki pehchan hoti hai uske ghun ... hamare shaastron mein bhi paanch saat ghun maane gaye hai ... daya, dharam, prem, tyaag aur shama
A good person is known by his qualities ... even in our knowledge books there are 5 to 7 qualities adopted ... sympathy, religion, love, sacrifice and apology
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