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Shimla Mirchi

Release Year - 2020
# 1
Deewane ka dimaag hai khali ... bina hope ke hi duniya basa li
This lover's brain is empty ... but still you've settled in your world without any hope
# 2
Kuch log joh sochte hai usse paate hai ... aur kuch aise loser hote hai joh sirf apna waqt ganwate hai
Some people attain what they aim for ... and some people are losers who just waste their time
# 3
Tareef kya karoon main aapki, words nahi milte ... itne kam budget mein aise honhar balak nahi milte
How should I praise you, as I can't seem to find the words ... and you can't find such great guys in such a low budget
# 4
Pyar us hi se karna joh tumse pyar kare ... khud se zyada tumpar aitbaar kare
Fall in love with the one who loves you ... the one who trusts you more than themselves
# 5
Jahan dekho ishq ke bimaar baithe hai ... lakhon mar gaye, saikadon taiyaar baithe hai
Everywhere you look, you'll see lovers ... so many have died, but still hundreds more are ready to die in love
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