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Release Year - 1974
# 1
Duniya mein har cheez bik sakti hai ... lekin gareeb ka samman nahi
Everything in the world can be sold ... but not the honour of a poor person
# 2
Jis tarah ladki ka thopda bighad jaane se usse dulha nahi milta na ... ussi tarah gadi ka thopda bighad jaane se usse savari nahi milti
Like a girl doesn't find a husband if her face goes bad ... just like that a car doesn't find a passenger if its body looks bad
# 3
Issi ka naam zindagi hai ... koi jaata hai, koi aata hai ... koi khota hai toh koi paata hai ... lekin yeh zindagi apni raftaar se chalti rehti hai
This is what is called as life ... somebody goes and somebody comes ... somebody loses and somebody gains ... but life keeps moving at its own pace
# 4
Gareebi se sharmana, usse nafrat karna ... sabse bada apradh hai
To be shy of poverty and to hate it ... is the biggest crime
# 5
Ladki ke liye jail jaana ek aaisa daag hai ... joh maut bhi usse nahi mitta sakti
Going to the jail for a girl is such a mark ... which even death can't erase it
# 6
Paise ka koi rang nahi, roop nahi ... koi dharam nahi, imaan nahi ... koi punya nahi, paap nahi
Money has no colour, no form ... no religion, no faith ... no virtue, no sin
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