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Seeta Aur Geeta

Release Year - 1972
# 1
Dum par kabhi zor se jhatka diya hota ... toh dum toh kya kuttiya bhi seedhi ho jaati hai
Had you ever pressed firmly on the tail ... then forget the tail, even the dog would have become straight
# 2
Bhagwan jab apni mutthi mein chand ko chupata hai ... toh suraj nikalta hai
When god hides the moon in his fist ... then the sun comes out
# 3
Har insaan joh paap se, zulm se ladta hai ... woh bhagwan ka hi toh roop hota hai
Every person that fights with sin and injustice ... is a disguise of god
# 4
Agar kisi nek kaam ke liye jhoot bolna padhe ... toh woh jhoot sau sach ke barabar hai
If you have to lie for a good cause ... then that lie is equivalent of 100 truths
# 5
Tu Bombay ki public ko nahi jaanti ... khush hai toh khush, bhigdi toh thopda bhigad ke rakh deti hai
You don't know the people of Bombay ... they are happy when they are in joy, and if disrupt then they destroy the face
# 6
Log London se degree ke alava aur kabhi kabhi degree ke bajai ... mem lekar aa jaate hai
Along with a degree and sometimes instead of a degree ... people get a white girl from London
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