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Release Year - 1988
# 1
Ek achcha insaan banane ke liye aadmi ko puri zindagi bhi kam padti hai ... aur bura insaan banane ke liye sirf ek lamha kaafi hai
For a person to become into a good human being, even the whole life is less ... and to become into an evil person, even one moment is more than enough
# 2
Duniya mein ooncha naam kamane waale waqt se pehle apne iraade zahir nahi karte
People who make a big name in the world don't disclose their intentions before time
# 3
Duniya mein jis insaan ka zameer zinda hai ... woh maut bardasht kar lega lekin apni beizzati aur apmaan nahi
In this world a person whose conscience is alive ... he will tolerate death but not his disrespect and insult
# 4
Hukumat karne waale ke haath se taqat aur aurat ke haath se jab mard nikal jaata hai ... toh woh dono zyada der tak chup nahi reh sakte
When power from a person ruling and a man under a woman's hand are lost ... then they both can't stay quiet for long
# 5
Ladki hai ya naram naram double roti ... isko dekhte hi mohabbat ke pet mein bhook lag jaati hai
Is she a girl or a soft bread ... after seeing her, I'm feeling hungry in the stomach of love
# 6
Zehar ko amrit banaya jaa sakta hai ... lekin aaise insaan ko dus janam tak insaaniyat ka sabak sikhane ke bawajood ... insaan nahi banaya jaa sakta
Poison can be turned into holy water ... but even if you teach the lesson of humanity for ten generations to a person like him ... still he will not become a human being
# 7
Kanoon saboot ki nazaron se dekhta hai ... aur gawah ki zubaan ko samajhta hai aur sunta hai
The law sees from the eyes of a proof ... and it listens and understands the language of a witness
# 8
Jiske dil mein aag lagi hoti hai ... uski insaaniyat bhi ussi aag mein jalkar khaak ho jaati hai
Those who have a fire burning in their heart ... their humanity also burns in that fire and turns into ashes
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