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Dalip Tahil

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# 1
Daud zindagi ka ho yah motor car ka ... maine kabhi haarna nahi seekha
Whether it is a race of life or car ... I have never learnt to lose
# 2
Ab har cheez meri hai ... aur har cheez ka maalik main hoon
Now everything is mine ... and I am the owner of everything
# 3
Lehron ke saath toh koi bhi tair leta hai ... par asli insaan woh hai joh lehron ko cheerkar aage badta hai
Anyone can swim with the waves ... but a real person is someone who can tear apart the waves and move ahead
# 4
Hamari duniya daulat aur maut ka woh chakravyuh hai ... jis mein ek baar dakhil ho jao, toh koi vapsi nahi
Our world is such a labyrinth of money and death ... in which once you enter, then there is no return
# 5
Har insaan ke jeevan mein do din important hote hai ... ek jab woh pehda hota hai ... aur doosra jab usse pata chalta hai ki woh kis liye pehda hua tha
In every person's life two days are very important ... first, the day that he was born ... and second, the day when he comes to know the reason as to why he was born
# 6
Duniya se joh loge uske liye nahi ... duniya ko joh doge ussi ke liye yaad kiye jaaoge
Not for what you take from this world ... you'll be remembered for what you give to this world
# 7
Aasoon peeke bhi joh muskuraye ... wohi toh zamane ko jeet paye
The one who smiles after drinking his tears ... only he can win over the world
# 8
Yeh aasoon joh hai na, beh jaye toh pani hai ... andhar reh jaye toh zehar hai
These tears, if they flow away then they are like water ... but if they stay inside then they are like poison
# 9
Kutta chahe bunglay mein rahe yah gali mein, doodh piye ya naale ka pani ... uski dum seedhi nahi hoti ... kyun ki basically woh kutta hai
Whether a dog lives in a bungalow or in the streets, whether he drinks milk or the gutter water ... his tail doesn't become straight ... because basically he is a dog
# 10
Main zindagi mein bahut kam faisle karta hoon ... lekin ek baar faisla kar loon toh woh pahaad se bhi zyada atal hota hai
I take very few decisions in life ... but once I take a decision then it's more firm than a moutain
# 11
Mann ke haare haar hai ... aur mann ke jeete jeet
You lose when your heart loses ... and you win when your heart wins
# 12
Zindagi mein agar jeena zaroori hai ... toh peena bahut zaroori hai
If living is important in life ... then drinking is very important
# 13
Kam kapde pehenna tujhe pasand hai ... aur teri is ada pe marna hum mein pasand hai
You like wearing less clothes .... and I love this style of yours
# 14
Shaadi ke baad ek gulab se biwi nahi maanti ... pyar, ishq aur mohabbat ka poora guldasta dena padta hai
After marriage a wife does not agree with a single rose ... you have to give a whole bouquet of love and romance
# 15
Happiness is good health and a bad memory
Happiness is good health and a bad memory
# 16
Form is temporary, but class is permanent
Form is temporary, but class is permanent
# 17
Yeh dono mulk Hindustan aur Pakistan ek hi maa ke bete hai ... bas karvat badal ke lete hai
Both these countries India and Pakistan are sons of a single mother ... it's just that they are lying down facing against each other
# 18
Agar hum pyase bhi marte ho ... toh bhi tumhare ghar se do boond pani peena hum mein manzoor nahi hai
Even if I am dying of thirst ... then to drinking two drops of water from your house is unacceptable to me
# 19
Jis tarah chalaang lagane ke liye khiladi ko peeche aana padta hai ... ussi tarah dushman ko jadh se ukhaadne ke liye kabhi jhukna bhi padta hai
Just like a player has to take a step back to jump forward ... just like that sometimes to uproot your enemy you have to bow down also
# 20
Jab dimaag mein gussa ho aur aankhon mein nafrat ... toh nishana theek nahi lagta hai
When there is anger in the mind and hatred in the eyes ... then you can't aim properly
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