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Pramod Moutho

# 1
Hota hai, chalta hai, duniya hai
It happens, its OK, its the world
# 2
Main aisa vaar karoonga ki Shakuni mama bhi sharminda ho jaye
I will attack in such a manner that even Shakuni uncle will be embarrassed
# 3
Tere ghar mein mere bachche khelenge ... lekin tujhe daddy kehkar pukarenge
My kids will play in your house ... but they will call you daddy
# 4
Dushman agar taqatwar ho ... toh usse talwar se nahi balki dimaag se maarna chahiye
If the enemy is strong ... then you should kill him with your mind and not a sword
# 5
Farhan yeh mulk hamara hai ... jitna yeh Hindu ka hai utna yeh Musalman ka bhi hai ... Sikh ka bhi hai, Isahi aur Parsi ka bhi hai
Farhan this country is ours ... how much it belongs to the Hindus that much it belongs to the Muslims also ... even the Sikhs, the Christians and the Parsis
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