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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Main tumhari honthon ki lipstick zaroor kharab karoonga ... par tumhari aankhon ka kajal kabhi nahi
I'll definitely spoil the lipstick on your lips ... but I'll never spoil the kohl in your eyes
# 2
Tera junoon hai sar pe chhada ... mujhe na sukoon hai, karde riha ... haal yeh mera dekh zara ... hosh hai baaki mujh mein kahan
Your passion is all over me ... I'm not at peace, please release me ... look at my condition ... I've totally lost my senses
# 3
Main brake par paon nahi rakhta ... kyun ki mujhe maut se dar nahi lagta
I don't keep my foot on the brake ... because I don't fear death
# 4
Main tumhare jism se khoon nahi ... tumhari aankhon se aansun dekhna chahti hoon ... main tumhe marte huye nahi ... tadapte huye dekhna chahti hoon
I don't want to see blood from your body ... I want to see tears from your eyes ... I don't want to see you dying ... I want to see you tormenting
# 5
Yeh pyar bhi kitna ajeeb hai ... 200 ki speed se jab drive karti hoon, toh meri dhadkane bilkul normal hoti hai ... par aaj tumhe 2 minute ke liye nahi dekha, toh meri dhadkane 200 ki speed se chalne lagi
Love is very strange ... when I drive at the speed of 200, then my heartbeats stay perfectly normal ... but today when I didn't see you for just 2 minutes, then my heartbeats were running at the speed of 200
# 6
Har insaan ke jeevan mein do din important hote hai ... ek jab woh pehda hota hai ... aur doosra jab usse pata chalta hai ki woh kis liye pehda hua tha
In every person's life two days are very important ... first, the day that he was born ... and second, the day when he comes to know the reason as to why he was born
# 7
Yeh letter main apne khoon se is liye likh raha hoon ... because it's only blood that remains forever
I'm writing this letter with my blood ... because it's only blood that remains forever
# 8
Duniya se joh loge uske liye nahi ... duniya ko joh doge ussi ke liye yaad kiye jaaoge
Not for what you take from this world ... you'll be remembered for what you give to this world
# 9
Jis din tum mujhe poora jaan jaogi ... tumhe dil haarne ka afsoos nahi hoga
The day you'll come to know me completely ... that day you won't repent on falling in love with me
# 10
Pehle pyar mein jalna padta hai ... because first love burns the brightest
You have to burn in your first love ... because first love burns the brightest
# 11
Sacha pyar kabhi marta nahi ... marne ke baad bhi
True love never dies ... not even after death
# 12
Is duniya mein har koi ek cheez se darta hai ... aur woh hai maut
In this world everyone fears one thing ... and that's death
# 13
Panch minute ke liye agar kisi ka bhi phone mil jaaye ... toh uski zaat, paat, aukaat sab pata chal jaati hai
If you get hold of someone's phone even for five minutes ... then you can come to know everything about them
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