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Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

Release Year - 2001
# 1
Kutta chahe bunglay mein rahe yah gali mein, doodh piye ya naale ka pani ... uski dum seedhi nahi hoti ... kyun ki basically woh kutta hai
Whether a dog lives in a bungalow or in the streets, whether he drinks milk or the gutter water ... his tail doesn't become straight ... because basically he is a dog
# 2
Aslam bhai ko joh raag patti deta hai na ... usko Aslam bhai malam patti deta hai
The one who acts smart with rowdy Aslam ... rowdy Aslam smashes him up
# 3
Chande mein aur dhande mein Aslam bhai ke liye sab dharam samaan hai
For rowdy Aslam, donation and business are both like his religion
# 4
Aadmi purani cheezon se ughta jaata hai ... aur nayi cheezon se uthta jaata hai
People get bored of old things ... and they get excited with new things
# 5
Public ne hero ko bhai bante bahut dekha ... ab public bhai ko hero bante dekhegi
The public has seen a hero becoming a rowdy person a lot ... now the public will see a rowdy person becoming a hero
# 6
Joh alag dikhta hai ... wahi aaj kal bikta hai
The one who looks different ... nowadays only he sells
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