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Shahbaz Khan

# 1
Bandar ke nachane se kalandar nahi padte ... tasbi ke phirane se paighambar nahi padte
You don't become brave by making monkeys dance ... and you don't become a prophet by propagating falsehoods
# 2
Hamare dhande mein hum doston se zyada dushmano ki khabar rakhte hai
In our business we keep more news about our enemies than that of our friends
# 3
Pathan kabhi burkhe ke peeche chip kar vaar nahi karta
A Pashtun never attacks hidingly from behind a veil
# 4
Pyar mein chemistry hoti hai aur sex mein physics
In love there is chemistry and in sex there is physics
# 5
Mujhe bhoolne ki galati karoge ... toh khud ek yaad banke reh jaoge
If you do the mistake of forgetting me ... then you yourself will become a thought
# 6
Is duniya mein jis kisi ko tarakki ki seedi se upar chadna hota hai na ... usse na anpadh jahil hona chahiye ... aur na hi anpadh aur jahilon se koi rishta rakhna chahiye
In this world a person who wants to climb the ladder of success ... he must not be uneducated and ignorant ... and neither must he keep any relationship with the uneducated and ignorant
# 7
Poore tirange ki toh baat hi chhodo ... iske ek ek dhage par jaan lutane waale kal bhi lakhon the aur aaj bhi lakhon hai ... Jai Hind!
Forget the whole Indian flag ... even for a single thread of it, there were millions of people yesterday and there are millions of people even today ready to give their life for it ... Hail India!
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