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Raveena Tandon

# 1
Beti pati ke pallu se pallu bandhkar agni ke jitne phere leti hai ... baap ka haq utna hi gunah kam ho jaata hai ... aur pati ka haq utne hi gunah zyada
The number of rounds around the fire a daughter takes with her husband tying their scarfs together ... that much right of the father decreases ... and that much right of the husband increases
# 2
Meri mohabbat ek chutki bhar sindoor ki mohtaj nahi
My love is not dependent on one pinch of vermilion
# 3
Gehre se gehra zakhm bhi itna dard nahi deta ... jitna aaj tumne mujhe diya hai
The deepest of deepest wound does not give so much pain ... what you have given me today
# 4
Yeh kya badi badi aankhan leke tukur tukur dekhri ... teri gardan chicken ke jaise kaatko, chicken biryani mein daalti
What are you staring at me with these big big eyes for ... I'll cut your neck like a chicken, and I'll put it in chicken biryani
# 5
Mai Hyderabad ki potti ... aankhan nikaal ke goti khelti goti
I'm a Hyderabadi girl ... I'll remove your eyes and play marbles with it
# 6
Aaj ke baad mere ilaake mein rehne waalon ke liye sirf do jagah hai ... kanoon ki izzat karne waalon ke liye khuli chatt ... aur kanoon ki lakeer par paon rakhne waalon ke liye jail ki char deewari
From today people living in my area only have two places ... open skies for those who respect the law ... and the four walls of a jail for those who step their foot on the line of the law
# 7
Kuch log aaise hote hai joh pehli baar milne pe bhi ajnabee nahin lagte
Some people don't feel like strangers even when we meet them for the first time
# 8
Woh is duniya se alag toh nahi ... lekin unka pyar is duniya se alag hai
He is not different than anyone in this world ... but his love is different than anyone in this world
# 9
Pyar ki buniyaad kisi ki madad ya sifaarish ki mohtaj nahi hoti ... yeh toh dilon se dilon ki dhadkan hai joh rishton mein badal jaati hai
The foundation of love doesn't depend on someones help or reference ... and it is the heartbeat in the hearts that converts them into relationships
# 10
Aankhen andar ka haal bata deti hai ... sirf padne wali nazar honi chahiye
Eyes tell you the condition within ... one only needs a vision to read it
# 11
Train mein safar kiya, plane mein safar kiya, caron mein safar kiya ... magar kisi bhi safar ka itna mazaa nahi aaya jitna in baahon ke safar mein aa raha hai
Traveled in a train, traveled in a plane, traveled in cars ... but no journey was as much fun as this journey in your arms is
# 12
Joh talwaron se bach jaate hai ... woh aksar phoolon se kat jaate hai
People who escape from the swords ... usually they get cut by the flowers
# 13
Na surat, na huliya, na shakal ... aur ladki ko kehta hai pyar karne bahar chal
Niether a good face and neither a good body ... and you say to a girl, let's go outside to make love
# 14
Apno ko milne ke liye time nikalna padta hai
One has to find time to meet near ones
# 15
Waqt sabse bada marham hota hai
Time is the biggest medicine
# 16
Inki gardan kaatku, kundi banaku, phool naku sajai ... toh mai bhi Hyderabad ki nahi
If I don't cut his neck, lock it up, and decorate like a flower ... then I'm not from Hyderabad
# 17
Andhi kandil ke toottele minar ... teri aakhiyon ki battiyon mein tel khalas hue kya
Hey you broken tower of a blind candle ... has the oil in the lamps of your eyes finished
# 18
Arre ubalte hue chawal ke thande jhaag waale paani ... budhape mein uddiyan maarre kya?
Hey you cold lathered water from boiling rice ... why are you jumping in old age?
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