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Pardesi Babu

Release Year - 1998
# 1
Oh tu rail gaddi vich paida hui thi? ... jab dekho Rajdhani Express ki tarah bhaagti hui nazar aati hai
Were you born in a train? ... since you are always seen running around like the Rajdhani Express
# 2
Maine kisi devta ko nahi dekha ... par tumhe dekh ke aaisa lagta hai ki woh tumse alag nahi hoga
I have never seen any god ... but after seeing you, I feel that he is not going to be much different than you
# 3
Woh is duniya se alag toh nahi ... lekin unka pyar is duniya se alag hai
He is not different than anyone in this world ... but his love is different than anyone in this world
# 4
Aapki nazaron mein paisa pyar aur bhagwan dono se bada hai ... aap samajhte hai joh madhurta paison mein hai woh Sharda ke sitar mein, Vishnu ke shank mein nahi ... aap samajhte hai joh sundarta paison mein hai woh Rati ki surat mein nahi, swarg ki jhanki mein nahi ... paise mein joh pavitatra hai woh Ganga ke pani mein nahi, Savitri ke daman mein nahi ... paise mein joh taqat hai woh maa ke aashirwad mein nahi, devtaon ke zubaan mein nahi ... satya, shiv, sundar sab paisa hai ... jiske paas paisa hai woh raja aur jiske paas paisa nahi woh Raju?
In your eyes money is bigger than love and god ... you think that the sweetness that exists in money, doesn't exists in the sitar of Sharda and the shell of Vishnu ... you think that the beauty that exists in money, doesn't exists in the face of Rati and in the glimpse of heaven ... the purity that exists in money, doesn't exists in the water of Ganges (river) and in the lap of Savitri ... the power that exists in money, doesn't exists in the blessing of a mother and in the words of gods ... and that money is truth, god and everything ... the one who has money is a king and the one who doesn't have money is Raju?
# 5
Is sansar mein koi kisi ka malik nahi aur koi kisi ka naukar nahi ... sabka malik ek hai woh upar waala ... hum sab ussi ke naukar hai
In this world no one is a boss of anyone and no one is a servant of anyone ... there is only one boss, the God ... and we all are his servants
# 6
Joh dil ke kareeb hote hai na ... unke rang, roop aur mahek kabhi nahi jaate
Those who are near to the heart ... their colour, appearance and fragrance never goes away
# 7
Amiron ke gharon ki deewaron mein roshni aane ke liye bahut si khidkiyan hoti hai ... magar gareeb ke ghar mein toh roshni tabhi aati hai ... jab us bechare ke ghar ki deewar girti hai
The houses of the rich people have a lot of windows for light to come in ... but the house of a poor man gets light only when ... a wall of his house falls
# 8
Aankh ke andhe ko toh phir bhi thikana mil jaata hai ... akal ke andhe ko koi thikana nahi milta
A person blind from the eye will still find a place ... but a person blind from the mind will find no place
# 9
Pyar chhal nahi ... tyag hai, tapasya hai, pooja hai, prarthana hai, ibaadat hai, ardaas hai
Love is not cheating ... it is sacrifice, it is meditation, it is worship, it is a prayer, it is admiration, it is a request
# 10
Dil left mein hota hai magar hamesha right hota hai
The heart is on the left but it is always right
# 11
Pehle paisa insaan ke haath ki mail hua karta tha ... aur aaj insaan ke haath mail mein paisa dhoondte hai
First money used to be the dirt on a man's hand ... and now the hands of humans try to find money in dirt
# 12
Pyar karne waalon ko pyar khud apna falsafa batata hai
Love tells its own philosophy to people in love
# 13
Aapne insaan banaya achcha kiya, dil banaya bahut bura kiya ... aapne duniya banayi achcha kiya, magar aapne paisa banaya bahut bura kiya
You (god) did a good job by making humans, but you did a very bad job when you made the heart ... you did a good job by creating the world, but you did a very bad job when you made money
# 14
Har taj sarr ke liye hota hai ... lekin har sarr taj ke liye nahi
For every crown their is a head ... but for every head there ain't a crown
# 15
Agar hum mile toh hamara muqaddar ... aur na mile toh hamari taqdeer
If we meet then it's our destiny ... and if we don't then that's our fate
# 16
Oye guess kar ... chawani doonga
Take a guess ... I'll give you 25 paise
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