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Waah! Tera Kya Kehna

Release Year - 2002
# 1
Yeh kya badi badi aankhan leke tukur tukur dekhri ... teri gardan chicken ke jaise kaatko, chicken biryani mein daalti
What are you staring at me with these big big eyes for ... I'll cut your neck like a chicken, and I'll put it in chicken biryani
# 2
Mai Hyderabad ki potti ... aankhan nikaal ke goti khelti goti
I'm a Hyderabadi girl ... I'll remove your eyes and play marbles with it
# 3
Teri kahani se mujhko ek sabak mila hai ... ke waqt se pehle aur taqdeer se zyada kisko mila hai ... uska insaaf dekh ke yeh lazmi hai yeh kehna ... waah tera kya kehna, waah tera kya kehna
Your story has taught me a lesson ... that no one has got anything before time and more than destiny ... looking at his (god's) justice it's essential to say ... wow you're great, wow you're great
# 4
Sabak wafaa ka sikhaya bhi ja nahi sakta ... joh seekh lo toh bhulaya bhi ja nahi sakta .. yeh haseen dard dil mein chupaya bhi ja nahi sakta ... aur koi pooche toh bataya bhi ja nahi sakta
The lesson of loyalty cannot be taught ... if you learn it then you can't forget it ... this beautiful pain can't be hidden in the heart ... and if anyone asks then it can't be told either
# 5
Tere baba ne kya diya mereku ... ek lota, ek thali, ek lungi woh bhi phateli, ek potti woh bhi hateli ... arre tu hamesha samajhti mujh ko kamina, hat ja kidhar hai meri Meena
What has your father given me ... one mug, one plate, one loincloth and that to torn, one girl and that to crazy ... you have always considered me a rascal, move away now where is my Meena
# 6
Inki gardan kaatku, kundi banaku, phool naku sajai ... toh mai bhi Hyderabad ki nahi
If I don't cut his neck, lock it up, and decorate like a flower ... then I'm not from Hyderabad
# 7
Andhi kandil ke toottele minar ... teri aakhiyon ki battiyon mein tel khalas hue kya
Hey you broken tower of a blind candle ... has the oil in the lamps of your eyes finished
# 8
Main iski daulat nikalna chahta hoon ... noton ki deewar banana chahta hoon ... us mein noton ki chhat, noton ki farsh, noton ke furniture, noton ka choola, noton ke bartan ... note pakayenge, note khayenge aur phir us mein hum note ki tarah chipak jayenge
I want to take his wealth ... I want to make a wall of money ... within that I want a roof of money, floor of money, furniture of money, stove of money, utensils of money ... we will cook money, we will eat money and then we will stick to it like money
# 9
Arre ubalte hue chawal ke thande jhaag waale paani ... budhape mein uddiyan maarre kya?
Hey you cold lathered water from boiling rice ... why are you jumping in old age?
# 10
Tum jaisi biwiyan old case ho jaati na ... toh itna bhadakne lagti ... showcase mein rakhne layak nahi rehti
When wife's like you become an old case ... then they get so angry that ... they don't even remain in a condition to be kept in the showcase
# 11
Din mein har pati na na kehta hai ... aur raat mein haan haan kehta hai
During the day every husband says no ... and in the night he says yes
# 12
Mera sirf ek screw dheela hai ... baki sab tight hai
Only one of my screws is lose ... all others are tight
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