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Ishq Hai Tumse

Release Year - 2004
# 1
Sitaron ki mehfil sajji hai, us mein ek hoor ek pari hai ... joh zindagi hamari hai, hum mein jaan se bhi pyari hai
There is a party of stars and in that there is one beautiful fairy ... who is my life, and is more special to me than my life
# 2
Ishq kare koi kisi se hum mein kya harz hai bhai ... nuksaan joh hamara hoga kaun karega bharpai
Why would I be bothered if people are in love ... but if I'm at loss then who will pay for it
# 3
Humne tumhare naam ki titli daboch li ... sab rang kayanat ke mutthi mein aa gaye
I held a butterfly in your name ... and all the colours of the universe came into my hand
# 4
Agar hota koi bhai ka beta toh woh hum mein kehta chacha ... aur agar bhai hi na ho toh aaya kahan se yeh bhatija
If I had a brother who had a son then he would have called me uncle ... but since I don't have a brother then from where did this nephew come
# 5
Is shehar ki khushboo woh bheeni bheeni raat ... bhatke sari duniya, na mili Lucknow waali baat
That beautiful night with the fragrance of this city ... I roamed all around the world, but there was nothing like Lucknow
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