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Dil Maange More

Release Year - 2004
# 1
Sara chali gaye jaane de ... tujhe pyar chahiye kahin aur se aane de
If Sara left, let her go ... you want love, let it come from somewhere else
# 2
Kitna bhi bhaag lo ... gham, yaadein aur karza peecha nahi chhodte
No matter how much you run ... sadness, memories and loans don't leave you
# 3
Dil koi kiraye ka ghar nahi hota ... ki ek jaye, doosra aaye
The heart is not a rental house ... where after one goes, another one comes along
# 4
Jaane jahan tujhe kya kahoon ... mere khawabon mein, meri baaton mein, meri neendon mein, meri raaton mein bas tu hi tu ... jaaneman meri zindagi hai tu
My love what should I tell you ... it is just you in my dreams, in my words, in my sleep, in my nights ... my love you are my life
# 5
Humko toh aata hai dil lagana ... bas nahi aata hai door bhagana
I know how to fall in love ... the only thing I don't know is how to push them away
# 6
Chand ko todh doonga, suraj ko phod doonga ... agar tu haan kehde, toh pehle waali ko chhod doonga
I'll break the moon, I'll smash the sun ... and if you say yes, then I'll leave the first girl
# 7
Zindagi football game se kam thodi hai .... problems ko tackle karo, darr ko block karo, goal ko score karo ... that's life
Life is nothing less than a football game ... tackle your problems, block your fear, and score your goal ... that's life
# 8
Vimaan mein emergency ke char dwar hote hai ... aage do dwar, peeche do dwar ... charon na khule toh Haridwar
There are four emergency doors in an airplane ... two in the front, two at the back ... and if all four don't open then you'll go to Haridwar
# 9
Joh andhar se naram hote hai ... woh bahar se sakht na ho ... toh duniya usse kuchal deti hai
Those who are soft from inside ... if they aren't hard from outside ... then the world crushes them
# 10
Zindagi sirf rainbow ke saath rang nahi hai ... us mein hazaron rang hote hai
Life is just not the seven colours of the rainbow ... it has thousands of colours in it
# 11
Main aapse itne pyar se baat kar raha hoon ... aur 2nd class compartment ke 3rd class passenger ki tarah baat kar rahi hai
I am talking to you with such respect ... and you are talking like a 3rd class passenger in a 2nd class compartment
# 12
Kabhi kabhi peeche hatna ... ek step forward hota hai
Sometimes stepping back ... is going one step forward
# 13
Maut aur Mumbai se koi lautke nahi aata
No one ever comes back from death or Mumbai
# 14
Champagne ko sharaab kehkar champagne ki insult mat karo
Don't insult champagne by calling it alcohol
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