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# 181
Match khatam hone se pehle jeetni ki poori koshish karo ... bhaago, daudo, khelo, ladho, sab kuch ... par ek baar match khatam ho jaaye toh yeh mat socho ki tum haare ya jeete ... balki apne aap se yeh poocho, ki did I give it my very best or not ... aur agar tumhara jawaab haan hai ... then you're a winner
Try your best to win before the match ends ... run, sprint, play, fight, do everything ... but once the match is over, then don't think whether you won or lost ... instead ask yourself a question, that did I give it my very best or not ... and if your answer is yes ... then you're a winner
# 182
Love is not heart of life ... it is only part of life
Love is not heart of life ... it is only part of life
# 183
Army mein rehkar ya politician bankar hi desh ki seva ki jaye ... yeh zaroori nahi hai
It is not necessary that ... you can only serve the country by being in the army or by becoming a politician
# 184
Himmat ko aage badhne ke liye pairo ki zaroorat nahi hoti
To move forward with courage one does not need legs
# 185
Marna toh ek din hum sabko hi hai ... lekin maut aaisi ho jise sab yaad rakhe
We all have to die one day ... but the death should be something that everyone remembers
# 186
Agar kisika dukh baatna hi chahte ho ... toh kaam kuch aisa karo ... ke doosro ki zindagi mein khushi aaye
If you want to share someones sorrow ... then do such a work ... which brings happiness in others life
# 187
Chance kabhi bhi last nahi ... hamesha second last hota hai
A chance is never the last one ... it is always the second to the last
# 188
Kabhi kabhi ek chota sa kadam zindagi bhar ki ek raah ban jaata hai
Sometimes a small step turns into a path for life
# 189
Wajah milta nahi hai, dhoondna padta hai ... aur dimaag se nahi, dil se poochiye ... aur jab dil wajah dhoond lega toh saara duniya aapko aapke lakshya tak pahuchane mein jutt jayega
You don't just find a reason, you have to search for it ... ask your heart and not your mind for it ... and once your heart finds that reason then the entire world will get together behind uniting you with your goal
# 190
Kuch banne ke liye sapne dekhna zaroori hota hai
To become someone you have to see dreams
# 191
Aye Mamu ... jadoo ki jhappi de daal aur baat khatam
Hey brother ... give a magical hug and end the matter
# 192
Pyar karna koi kamaal nahi hai ... kamaal toh yeh hai ki doosre tumse pyar karne par majboor ho jaye
To love is not a big thing ... the big thing is when others are compelled to love you
# 193
Shareer nashvar hai ... aatma amar hai
The body is mortal ... and the soul is immortal
# 194
Yeh joh vote hai na yeh kagaz ka tukda nahi hai ... ki dabbe mein daala aur chal diye ... yeh vote tumhare parivar, tumhare desh, uski unnati ki parchi hai ... yeh toh do dhaari talwar hai joh dono taraf se kaatti hai ... theek jagah pade toh desh khushal aur galat jagah pade toh desh ka satyanash
A vote is not a piece of paper ... that you put in a box and move on ... a vote is a paper for the betterment of your family, your country ... it's a double edged sword which cuts from both sides ... if it falls in the right place then the country is happy and if it falls in the wrong place then the country is destroyed
# 195
Vaade aksar toot jaate hai ... koshishien kamyab ho jaati hai
Promises usually do break ... efforts do get successful
# 196
Jahil ki baaton ka jawaab ... khamoshi hota hai
The reply to an uneducated persons question ... is silence
# 197
Jeete aur marte toh janwar bhi hai ... magar insaan woh jiski zindagi ka koi maqsad ho ... aur marna woh joh kisi ke kaam aaye
Even animals live and die ... but a human is someone whose life has a meaning ... and death should be something that can be of use to someone else
# 198
Sab apni soochte hai, sabko dhyan hai apna ... yahi hai rang toh poora na hoga ek sapna
Everyone thinks about themselves, everyone is looking after them ... if these are the colours, then not even a single dream will get fulfilled
# 199
Insaan hona meri kamzori nahi meri taqat hai ... kyun ki mere paas hai har baap ka aashirwad aur har bache ka pyar
To be human is my strength, not my weakness ... because I have the blessing of every father and the love of every child
# 200
Mujhe yakeen hai ki sirf shehar chote hote hai, wahan ke log aur unke khwaab nahi ... mujhe yakeen hai aadmi ka kadh uske iraadon se naapa jaata hai ... mujhe yakeen hai naseeb ki baat sirf woh karte hai joh kabhi bhi maidaan mein utre hi nahi ... mujhe yakeen hai ki thakaan aur pressure sirf ek bhram hai ... mujhe yakeen hai haar aur jeet ke beech ka faasla bada hai, par namumkin nahi ... karo yakeen toh duniya tumhari
I'm confident that only cities are small, not the people from there or their dreams ... I'm confident that the height of a person is measured by his intentions ... I'm confident that only those who have never stepped on a playground talk about luck ... I'm confident that fatigue and pressure are both just a misconception ... I'm confident that the distance between losing and winning is big, but not impossible ... if you're confident then the world will be yours
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