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Tiger Shroff

# 1
Joh dost kamine nahi hote ... woh kamine dost nahi hote
Friends that are not scoundrels ... those scoundrels are not friends
# 2
(Heropanti karega?) - Kya karun yaar sabko aati nahi ... meri jaati nahi
(You want to be a hero?) - What to do everyone doesn't know how to become one ... and I can't lose it
# 3
Agar tera mera koi connection hai, toh agli baar jab baarish hogi ... hum apne aap mil jayenge
If you and I have any connection, then the next time it rains ... we both will meet automatically
# 4
You're not one in a million ... you are the one
You're not one in a million ... you are the one
# 5
Itni jaldi kya hai ... abhi toh maine start kiya hai
What's the hurry ... I've just started now
# 6
Joh yeh tera torture hai ... woh mera warm-up hai
This torture of yours ... is just warm-up for me
# 7
Munna, Munna Michael naam hai mera ... teen batti mein kisi se bhi poochega na ... toh haath pakadke ghar pe chhodega
My name is Munna Michael ... if you ask anyone about me in the colony ... then he'll hold your hand and drop you at my place
# 8
Bachpan se lekar aaj tak chawl ki deewaar par tanga Michael Jackson ka poster mujhse kehta tha ... chal Munna uth ... dance as if there's no tomorrow ... as if no one's watching
From my childhood till today, the poster of Michael Jackson hanging on the wall of my house has been saying this to me ... get up Munna ... dance as if there's no tomorrow ... as if no one's watching
# 9
Dance ke liye aukaat ki zaroorat nahi hoti hai ... chahe woh Bappa ka mandap ho ya tum jaiso ka nightclub
You don't need to be of a certain status to dance ... be it the canopy of Lord Ganesha or a nightclub of people like you
# 10
I just want to prove that Michael lives forever
I just want to prove that Michael lives forever
# 11
Munna jhagda nahi karta ... Munna sirf peet'ta hai
Munna doesn't fight ... Munna only beats the hell out of people
# 12
Din tera tha ... saal mera hoga
The day belongs to you ... but the year will be mine
# 13
Life agar maidan hai toh usse do hisso mein divide karo ... ek mein sapne, doosre mein asliyat ... jisse paar wohi karta hai joh bharosa kismat se zyada apni mehnat par kare
If life's a playground, then divide it in two parts ... put dreams in one part and reality in other ... now the one who has more faith in his hard work than in his luck, he's the one who crosses life successfully
# 14
Jis din kabaddi kabaddi khelte huye tere paale mein ghusunga ... teri izzat ke saath saath teri pehchaan ko bhi hawa mein uchaal dunga
The day I enter your side while playing kabaddi against you ... that day I'll toss your respect and your identity up in the air
# 15
Jinke apne khud ke sapne nahi hote ... unki poori life auron ke sapne poore karne mein lag jaati hai ... issi liye life mein apna sapna khud chhuno ... aur usse khuli aankhon se dekho ... taaki jab woh sach ho toh sabse pehle woh tumhe dikhe
Those who don't have their own dreams ... they spend their entire life trying to fulfill dreams of others ... that's why in life you should select your own dreams ... and you should see them with open eyes ... so that when they become a reality, you should be the first one to see them
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