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Baaghi: A Rebel For Love

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Agar tera mera koi connection hai, toh agli baar jab baarish hogi ... hum apne aap mil jayenge
If you and I have any connection, then the next time it rains ... we both will meet automatically
# 2
Maana mera tareeka galat tha ... par kya karoon, tumse bahut pyar karta hoon
I agree that my way was wrong ... but what can I do, I love you a lot
# 3
Itni jaldi kya hai ... abhi toh maine start kiya hai
What's the hurry ... I've just started now
# 4
Tu bahut aage jayega ... kyun ki tu jahan bhi jayega na ... log bolenge chal beta aage bhad
You will go very forward in life ... because wherever you'll go ... people will say that, come on move ahead and go away
# 5
Baaghi bano, be a rebel ... par kisi maqsad ke liye
Be a rebel ... but only for a reason
# 6
Manushya apni taqat se kisi ko jeet sakta hai, jhuka sakta hai ... lekin pyar nahi paa sakta
A human can win over someone or make someone bow down with his strength ... but he can't win someone's love with it
# 7
Ek baaghi aur ek sipahi mein zyada farak nahi hota hai ... bas yeh unke maqsad hai joh ek ko baaghi banata hai aur doosre ko sipahi
There is not much difference between a rebel and a soldier ... it's their motive what makes one a rebel and the other a soldier
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