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Hasee Toh Phasee

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Tum oxygen aur main double hydrogen ... hamari chemistry ekdum pani ki tarah hai
You are oxygen and I am double hydrogen ... our chemistry is just like water
# 2
Chance kabhi bhi last nahi ... hamesha second last hota hai
A chance is never the last one ... it is always the second to the last
# 3
Do half mein ek full se zyada milta hai
You get more in 2 halves than that in a full
# 4
Relationship todna bahut aasan hai ... lekin usko banaye rakhne ke liye adjustments karni padti hai, nurture karna padta hai
It is very easy to break a relationship ... but to maintain it you have to make adjustments, you have to nurture it
# 5
Soocho main idea hoti aur tum technology ... hamari patang kya mast udhti na
Imagine if I was an idea and if you were technology ... our kite would fly nice and high
# 6
Mann ki guarantee, pyar ki guarantee, kaam bhi ki guarantee ... guarantee card ke saath paida hona chahiye tha
Guarantee of the heart, guarantee of love, guarantee of work also ... you should have been born with a guarantee card
# 7
Main lifetime guarantee deti hoon
I'll give you a lifetime guarantee
# 8
Yeh tere ghar damaad nahi ... bahu layegi ... bahu
She won't get a son-in-law in your house ... she'll get a daughter-in-law ... a daughter-in-law
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