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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Kuch karne ke liye kaayde ki nahi ... iraade ki zaroorat hoti hai
To do something you don't need a rule ... you need an intention
# 2
Dekh be under 19 team ke 12th man
Look you 12th man (reserved player) of an under 19 team
# 3
Chuhon ko pakadna ho toh chuha banna padta hai ... kutton ko pakadna ho toh kutta ... sher ka shikaar karna ho toh sher
If you want to catch mouses then you have to become a mouse ... if you want to catch dogs then you have to become a dog ... and if you want to hunt a tiger you have to become a tiger
# 4
Ukhaad joh ukhaadneka hai ... chal re!
Do whatever you want ... get lost!
# 5
Zindagi mein kabhi kisi ke saath zaroorat se zyada wafaadari mat karna ... lag jaati hai
In life never be over faithful to anyone ... you'll get screwed
# 6
Opposition ho ya kaliyan ... masalne ke mood mein hum hamesha rehte hai
Be it opposition or girls ... I'm always in the mood of crushing
# 7
Mard joh hai na upar chadte hai ... aur auratein sirf upar dekhti hai
Men climb on the top ... and women only look up
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