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The Hero: Love Story of a Spy

Release Year - 2003
# 1
Insaaniyat ka mazhab har mazhab se ooncha hota hai
The religion of humanity is bigger than all religions
# 2
Bandar ke nachane se kalandar nahi padte ... tasbi ke phirane se paighambar nahi padte
You don't become brave by making monkeys dance ... and you don't become a prophet by propagating falsehoods
# 3
Kheench laye joh unke dar pe, aaisi deewangi ko kya kahiye ... katal karke bhi woh khamosh hai, aaisi saadgi ko kya kahiye
What should I call the obsession, that dragged me to her door ... and what should I call the simplicity, which is silent even after killing me
# 4
Tu khelta hoga toofano se, humne toh toofan paale hai ... joh darte hai so marte hai, hum markar jeene waale hai
You may have played with the storms, but I have nourished the storms ... people who are scared will die, but I am someone who will live even after being dead
# 5
Urdu jaisi nafazat kahan, mohabbat jaisi ibaadat kahan ... imaan par kayam reh sake toh, Musalman jaisi taqat kahan
There is no language like Urdu, there is no worship like love ... if you stay put on your honesty, then there is no strength like that of a Muslim person
# 6
Barf padh rahi hai aur haath mein koi jaam nahi ... pilaye jao hum mein ... hum mein koi kaam nahi
It is snowing and there is no drink in my hand ... make me drink ... I have nothing to do
# 7
Pyar baantoge pyar milega ... nafrat baantoge nafrat milegi
You will get love if you share love ... and you will get hatred if you share hatred
# 8
Chehre toh aksar dokha dete hai ... sach toh aaine bola karte hai
Faces usually are deceptive ... the mirror says the truth
# 9
Jis din hamara sar ghum gaya na ... toh yahan par kabristan hi kabristan honge
The day my head spins ... there will only be graveyards here
# 10
Jinke irrade buland ho ... woh sadko ki nahi, aasmano ki baatein karte hai
Those who have solid intentions ... they talk about the skies and not the ground
# 11
Halaat bahut chote hote hai ... lekin insaan bahut bada
Situations are very small ... but people are very big
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