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Release Year - 2012
# 1
Agar bada player banna hai ... to risk bhi badi leni padti hai
If you want to become a big player ... then you have to take big risks
# 2
Retire sirf police waale hote hai ... chor nahi
Only cops retire ... not thieves
# 3
Gaadiya videshi look mein achchi lagti hai ... aur foreigners hamesha Indian sanskar mein achche lagte hai
Cars look good with foreign looks ... and foreigners always look good with Indian cultures
# 4
Ek police waale ka dimaag bhaagte bhaagte thakar jab behat jaata hai ... ek shatir chor ka dimaag wahan se daudna shuru karta hai
When the mind of a cop relaxes after getting tired from running around ... from there the mind of a smart thief starts running
# 5
Joh zyada aage chalta hai usse yeh pata nahi chalta ... ki kab uske peeche poori game palat gayi ho
One who walks ahead a lot does not know ... when the whole game changes behind him
# 6
Aakhri twist villian ka nahi ... hamesha hero ka hota hai
The last twist does not belong to the villian ... it always belongs to the hero
# 7
Tumhari expiry date khatam ho gayi hai
Your expiry date has passed
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