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Parineeti Chopra

# 1
Tum oxygen aur main double hydrogen ... hamari chemistry ekdum pani ki tarah hai
You are oxygen and I am double hydrogen ... our chemistry is just like water
# 2
Aaj tu mujhe dekh lega na ... toh 100 times I love you bolega
If you see me today ... you'll say I love you 100 times
# 3
Kiss na badi kutti cheez hoti hai ... kahin se bhi ghus aati hai
Kiss is a very bad thing ... it comes in between from anywhere
# 4
Chance kabhi bhi last nahi ... hamesha second last hota hai
A chance is never the last one ... it is always the second to the last
# 5
Aaisi maar khayega ... phir kabhi susu na kar payega
I will hit him in such a place ... that he will never be able to pee
# 6
Do half mein ek full se zyada milta hai
You get more in 2 halves than that in a full
# 7
Soocho main idea hoti aur tum technology ... hamari patang kya mast udhti na
Imagine if I was an idea and if you were technology ... our kite would fly nice and high
# 8
Kamina mere haath aa jaata na ... keema bana deti uska
If I would have got hold of that rascal ... I would have made minced meat out of him
# 9
Love vagehra ka khayali pulav maine taste karke pakakar chod diya hai
I have cooked, tasted and left alone the imaginary rice of love etc.
# 10
Mann ki guarantee, pyar ki guarantee, kaam bhi ki guarantee ... guarantee card ke saath paida hona chahiye tha
Guarantee of the heart, guarantee of love, guarantee of work also ... you should have been born with a guarantee card
# 11
Body ka kya hai ... aaj dubli kal moti ... thinking mein-hich honi chahiye na beauty
What is it about the body ... today it's slim tomorrow it'll be fat ... but there should be beauty in the thought itself
# 12
Main lifetime guarantee deti hoon
I'll give you a lifetime guarantee
# 13
Burger mein tikki rakhne se woh hamburger nahi ban jaata ... tikki burger hi rehta hai
By keeping a vegetable patty in a burger is doesn't become a hamburger ... it remains as a vegetable burger
# 14
Saamne koi bhi ho ... main toh bas maar doongi
It doesn't matter who's in front of me ... I'm just going to kill them
# 15
(Tum ladkiyon ka samajh mein nahi aata mujhe) ... Ladkiyon ka samajh nahi aata kyun ki ladkiyon ko samjha nahi jaata
(I can't understand you girls) ... Girls can't be understood because no one understands the girls
# 16
Jaan na pehchaan ... free ki santaan
I don't know him ... and you are making him my child
# 17
Woh joh matki phodne ka khel hota hai na ... matki phodta toh ek hi hai ... lekin usse us oonchai tak pahunchane wale bahut kandhe hote hai ... mukaam saamne dikhta hai ... aise mein bedhadak chalaang lagani chahiye ... phisalkar gir padhe toh wohi kandhe sambhal lenge ... lekin agar matki tak pahunche aur phod dali ... toh itihaas rach doge
The game in which you break a pot ... there's only one person who breaks the pot ... but there are many shoulders that take that one person to that height ... now when you see your goal in front of you ... then in that situation you should jump without any fear ... because even if you slide and fall then those shoulders will save you ... but if you get to the pot and break it ... then you'll create history
# 18
Mera dhyay ekdum saral ... saamne wale ko maat dena
My target is very simple ... just defeat the opponent
# 19
Number one ke sapne paalna khatre se khali nahi hota
Dreaming about being number one is full of danger
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