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# 221
Mere liye maa aur mulk ek hai
Mother and country are the same for me
# 222
Life agar maidan hai toh usse do hisso mein divide karo ... ek mein sapne, doosre mein asliyat ... jisse paar wohi karta hai joh bharosa kismat se zyada apni mehnat par kare
If life's a playground, then divide it in two parts ... put dreams in one part and reality in other ... now the one who has more faith in his hard work than in his luck, he's the one who crosses life successfully
# 223
Life mein hamesha wahi nahi jeetta joh zyada taqatwar hota hai ... balki woh jeetta hai jiski jeet se doosro ka bhala ho ... Hitler haar gaya tha aur Gandhiji jeet gaye the ... so darro mat lado aur jeetto
A strong person doesn't win every time in life ... instead victory belongs to the person who helps others ... Hitler had lost and Gandhi had won ... so don't be scared, fight and win
# 224
Tumhari manzil zameen nahi ... aasman hai
Your destination is not the ground ... it is the sky
# 225
Achchai se hi burai ko maara ja sakta hai ... neki se hi baddi ko mitaya ja sakta hai ... shanti se hi kisi ki mann ki jalan ko hataya ja sakta hai
Only the good can kill the evil ... only the righteous can erase the wicked ... only the calmness can remove the jealousy in ones heart
# 226
Har zindagi ka apne hisse ka dard hota hai ... jitna zaldi usse jeetna seekh lo, toh achcha hai
Even life has its own share of pain ... the faster you try to win over it, the better it'll be for you
# 227
Apahij woh nahi jiska koi ang na ho ... apahij woh hai joh apne ang ka istamaal na kare ... doosron ki madad na karne wale haath apahij hai ... zulm ko dekhkar mudne wali aankh apahij hai ... maa baap ko chhodkar bhaagne wale paanv apahij hai
Someone who doesn't have a body part is not a handicap person ... instead a person who doesn't use his body part is a handicap person ... the hands that don't help others are handicap ... the eyes that look at injustice and turn away are handicap ... the legs that leave their parents behind are handicap
# 228
Joh maza apni pehchaan ke saath jeene mein hai ... woh kisi doosre ki parchai banne mein nahi
The enjoyment that you get in living with your own identity ... you don't get that in living as someone else's shadow
# 229
Log burre thodi na hote hai ... achche logon par bas burra waqt aa jaata hai
People are not bad ... it's just that good people also have bad times
# 230
Pyar baantoge pyar milega ... nafrat baantoge nafrat milegi
You will get love if you share love ... and you will get hatred if you share hatred
# 231
Aadmi ko subah jaldi uthna chahiye ... varna saare kaam adhoore reh jate hai
One must get up early in the morning ... or else all work gets pending
# 232
Life mein sab ball ek samaan thodi na milega ... merit pe khelna hai aur tike rehna hai ... the score board will keep moving
In life you won't face the same ball always ... you've to play on merit and just hang in there ... the score board will keep moving
# 233
Duniya pehle se hi ek masterpiece hai ... uske baare mein paitings banane se achcha hai ... uski hifazat karo, usse pyar karo
The world already is a masterpiece ... rather than making paintings of it ... its better if we protect it, love it
# 234
Inquilaab ke liye kurbaanio ki zaroorat hoti hai ... khoon ki zaroorat hoti hai
For a revolution you need sacrifices ... you need blood
# 235
Zindagi mein sirf future hi nahi ... present bhi hota hai
In life there is not only the future ... there is also the present
# 236
Unhe mat bhulo, joh tumhe tab jaante the jab tum kuch nahi the ... kyunki bas yeh hi hai, joh tumhe hamesha sach bolenge
Don't forget those, who knew you when you were nothing ... because only these people, will tell you the truth always
# 237
Log tumhe is liye pyar nahi karte hai kyun ki tum special ho ... balki tum special ho kyun ki duniya mein kuch log tumse beintehaa pyar karte hai ... sometimes despite the way you are
People don't love you because you are special ... instead you are special because there are some people in the world who love you a lot ... sometimes despite the way you are
# 238
Ramzan mein bhi toh "Ram" hota hai ... aur Diwali mein "Ali"
In Ramzan there is God "Ram" ... and in Diwali there is God "Ali"
# 239
Agar purani yaadon ke saath rahoge ... toh nayi yaadein kaise pehda karoge?
If you live with old memories ... then how will you create new memories?
# 240
Chulhe se roti nikale ke liye, chimte ko apna mooh jalahe padi
To remove the bread from the burner, the tongs have to burn their face
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