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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Jab tak hum apne inteqam se azaad nahi ho jaate ... tab tak koi azaadi hum mein azaad nahi kar sakti
Until we free ourselves from our revenge ... till then no freedom can make us free
# 2
Kiska jhoot, jhoot hai ... kiske sach mein sach nahi ... hai ki hai nahi, bas yahi sawaal hai ... aur sawaal ka jawaab bhi sawaal hai
Whose lie is a lie ... whose truth is not the truth ... whether it's there or not, just that's the question ... and the answer of the question is also a question
# 3
Darya bhi main, darakht bhi main ... Jhelum bhi main, chinar bhi main ... dair bhi hoon, haram bhi hoon ... Shai bhi hoon, Sunni bhi hoon, main hoon pandit ... main tha, main hoon aur main hi rahoonga
I'm the sea, I'm the tree ... I'm the river Jhelum, I'm the aspen tree ... I'm the temple, I'm the sin ... I'm Shai, I'm Sunni, I'm a pandit ... I was there, I am here and I will be there
# 4
Dil ki agar sunu toh hai, dimag ki toh hai nahi ... jaan loon ki jaan doon, main rahoon ki main nahi
If I listen to my heart then you are there, if I listen to my mind then not ... should I take a life or give my life, should I live or not
# 5
Yeh hota hai chutzpah!
This is called being an asshole!
# 6
Marke hi pata chalta hai ki zinda rahe toh jeeye nahi ... aur marke bhi bache nahi
Only after dying we come to know that, when we were alive we were not living ... and we didn't escape even after dying
# 7
Inteqam se sirf inteqam pehda hota hai
Only revenge is born from revenge
# 8
Bandook sirf inteqam lena jaanti hai
A gun only knows how to take revenge
# 9
Aap jism hai, main rooh ... aap faani hai, main lafaani
You are a body and I'm a soul ... you're mortal and I'm immortal
# 10
Maa jab jhoot bole na ... nahi achchi lagti
When a mother lies ... she doesn't look good
# 11
Iski har identity, ghost identity hai
His every identity, is a ghost identity
# 12
Yeh democracy nahi ... dum ghootne waali cracy hai
This ain't democracy ... this is a form of government which will suffocate us
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