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Release Year - 1990
# 1
Maut aur badnaseebi do hi aisi cheezein hai ... joh bagair khabar kiye aate hai
Death and bad luck are two such things ... which come without any notice
# 2
Joh pehli saans lene ki choot deta hai ... wohi aakhri saans par rok laga sakta hai
One who gives the permission to take the first breath ... only he can put the stop on the last breath
# 3
Maut sabse halki sazaa hoti hai
Death is the easiest punishment
# 4
Insaano mein kuch log zehreelay saanpo se bhi zyada khatarnak hote hai ... aur kuch log devtaon se bhi zyada mann ke sachche aur achche
Within humans some people more dangerous than a poisonous snake ... and some people are much better and truthful than God
# 5
Chinta aur chitta mein sirf ek bindu ka farak hai
There is only a difference of a dot between worry and pyre
# 6
Har aadmi insaan nahin hota
Every person is not a human
# 7
Dil mein gandagi lekar paida hone waala insaan ... kabhi amar nahi ho sakta
A person who is born with evilness in his heart ... can never be immortal
# 8
Pyar ek aisi cheez hai ... aadmi toh aadmi, janwar bhi dost ban jaata hai
Love is a thing ... which makes not only a man, but also an animal into a friend
# 9
Mangalsutra ek aisi cheez hai jiski keemat ek suhagan hi bata sakti hai
Only a married woman can tell the price of a wedding necklace
# 10
Ek patni ke liye vidhva bankar jeene se toh achcha hai ... ki woh suhaagan ki maut mare
For a wife, better than living as a widow ... is to die as a married woman
# 11
Sansar ka yeh niyam hai ke paapi kabhi amar nahi hote
It is the rule of the universe that sinful people can never be immortal
# 12
Saanp ka zeher sirf uske daanton mein hi nahi ... balke uski phook mein bhi hota hai
The poison of a snake lies not only in his teeth ... but also in his spit
# 13
Joh baap apni beti ko apne faide ke liye istemaal karte hai ... usse kothi mein nahi, kothe pe rehna chahiye
A father who uses his daughter for his own benefit ... should stay in a brothel, not in a mansion
# 14
Baap ke saath beti ki har vachan shaadi ke mandap mein jal kar raakh ho jaata hai ... aur pati ko diya hua vachan shareer ki raakh ho jaane ke baad bhi nibhana padta hai
Every promise from a daughter to a father burns in the fire of the wedding ritual ... and every promise to a husband must be fulfilled even after you die
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