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Release Year - 1998
# 1
Tum logon ko na chitta ki aag milegi ... na dharti maa ki godh
You guys will not get the fire for your pyre ... and neither the lap of the motherland
# 2
Tumhare seene mein joh dil hai woh Hindustani hai ... aur Hindustani dil awaara nahi hota ... yeh chahta toh sari duniya ko hai, lekin mitta kisi Hindustani par hai
The heart that you have within you is of an Indian ... and an Indian heart is not a tramp ... it loves the entire world, but it dies only for an Indian
# 3
Main contract lete waqt paisa dekhta hoon ... paise dene waale ko nahin
When I take a contract I look at the money ... and not at the person who pays
# 4
Aaj ke zamaane mein sher sirf do hi jagah hifazat se reh sakte hai ... ek circus mein aur doosra chidiya ghar mein
In today's age a tiger can live safely only in two places ... one in a circus and other in a zoo
# 5
Mera ussool hai ... aadmi khatam, kaam khatam
My rule is ... man finished, work finished
# 6
Main contract sirf khoon karne ka leta hoon ... mohabbat ke khel khelna ka nahi
I take a contract only for killing ... not for playing love games
# 7
Joh desh ke liye jaan dete hai woh shaheed kehlate hai ... joh desh ke liye jaan lete hai woh kaatil nahi ... soldier kehlate hai
People who give their life for their country are called martyrs ... and people who take lives for their country are not called killers ... they are called soldiers
# 8
Insaan mar jaate hai ... magar awaazein kabhi nahin marti
Humans do die ... but voices never die
# 9
Desh ki raksha karne ki shapat lekar desh ko lootne waalo ... tumhare jism par is vardi ka hona is vardi ka apmaan hai
Robbers like you who steal from the country after taking an oath to protect to the country ... are a disgrace to the uniform on your body
# 10
Hindustan mein badhe buzurgh ... mubarakbad nahi aashirwad dete hai
Elders in India ... give blessings, not congratulations
# 11
Woh vidhva suhagan se oonchi hoti hai ... jiska pati desh ki aan par shaheed hota hai
A widow whose husband becomes a martyr for the country ... is bigger than a married woman
# 12
Kaam loafer ke aur baatein soldier ki
You behave like an idler and talk like a soldier
# 13
Toop aur tanko se khelne waale fauji ... police ke tamancho se darra nahi karte
Soldiers who play with tanks ... are not scared of police pistols
# 14
Josh mein kaam karne waale yah toh mitti ke neeche hote hai ... yah lakdiyo ke upar
Those who work in excitement go either under the ground ... or on wooden sticks
# 15
Kapde Rita ke aur baatein Sita ki
You are wearing clothes of Rita and talking like Sita
# 16
Suraj ke aakash mein doobne se log nahi soote ... sarhado par jab hum jaagte hai, tab desh chain ki neend sota hai
People don't sleep when the sun drowns in the sky ... the country sleeps peacefully when we stay awake on the borders
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