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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Mere marne ke baad mera dil nikaal lena ... hai kisi aur ki amanat ... kahin saath jal na jaye
Take my heart out after I die ... it is someone else's deposit ... so that it doesn't burn with me
# 2
Har insaan ka apna safar hota hai ... thodi der ke liye kisi aur ke saath judh jaane se ... uska safar apna nahi ho jaata hai
Every person has his own journey ... if we spend some time with someone else ... then their journey doesn't become ours
# 3
Yeh kaisi khwahish, yeh kaisa ehsaas hai ... joh waakif na tha kal tak woh har lamha ab mere pass hai ... yeh kaunsa rang hai, yeh kiska sang hai, yeh kaisa saaz hai, yeh kiski awaaz hai ... kyun neend ab pareshan si aati hai ... kyun har saans mein uski khushboo utar jaati hai ... tahruff toh abhi nahi hai usse phir har waqt kyun woh aas pass hai ... yeh kaisi khwahish, yeh kaisa ehsaas hai
What wish is this, what a feeling is this ... today I have every moment that I wasn't aware of until yesterday ... which colour is this, whose company is this, which instrument is this, whose voice is this ... why is it that I am unable to sleep ... why is that I smell her fragrance in every breathe of mine ... why is it that she is near me everytime when I don't even know her ... what wish is this, what a feeling is this
# 4
Tumhari zindagi mein aane wala kal nahi hai aur meri zindagi mein hai ... kyun ki tum zindagi ko saalon mein ginte ho aur main lamhon mein
There is no tomorrow in your life and there is one in my life ... because you count life in years and I count it in moments
# 5
Ek katra jab zara sa ubharta hai, toh samundar ke lehje mein baat karta hai ... chhaton ke diye kab ke bhuj gaye hote, koi toh hai joh hawa ke par kattarta hai ... aur zameen ki koi vakalat nahi chalti, jab koi faisla aasman se utarta hai
When one drop rises a little bit, then it talks in the form of a ocean ... the candles on the roof would have blown off a long time ago, but there is someone who is cutting the wings of air ... and the ground has no case, when the decision comes down from the sky
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