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Upasna Singh

# 1
Ek baar aagad paachad sahi dikhe na ... toh ladka aagad paachad ghoomta rahega
If your front and back looks great ... then the boy will roam in front of you and behind you
# 2
Uska bank balance itna hai ki bank bhi balance nahi kar paata hai
He has so much bank balance that even the bank isn't able to balance that
# 3
Aurat ki sabse badi himmat hoti hai kisi gair mard ke aage apne jism se kapde utarna
The biggest courage that a woman can have is to take her clothes off in front of a strange man
# 4
Kaisi deewani hoon main, kaun pehchane ... jisne deedar kiya bas wohi jaane
Who can recognize how crazy am I ... the one who has seen me only he will know that
# 5
Kitna haseen hai shabab dekhoge tab janoge ... kahan kahan khilte hai gulaab chuoge tab janoge
You'll come to know how beautiful is my body when you'll look at it ... you'll come to know where all do roses blossom when you'll touch it
# 6
Aurat mitna jaanti hai, mitaana nahi ... aurat pyar karna jaanti hai, pyar ka sauda karna nahi
A woman knows how to perish and not how to perish someone else ... a woman knows how to love and not how to sell love
# 7
Jitna chahe zulm karle par yaad rakh ... uske baad bhi is bejaan jism se ek hi awaaz aayegi ... mera pyar amar rahe, meri mohabbat amar rahe, mera mehboob salamat rahe
No matter how much cruelty you do, but remember ... even after all that there will only be one voice coming out of this lifeless body ... that my love shall remain immortal, my romance shall remain immortal, my lover shall remain safe
# 8
Aurat ka jism toh bikh sakta hai magar uska dil nahi bikh sakta ... uske pyar ka mol nahi lagaya ja sakta
The body of a woman can be sold but her heart can't be sold ... her love is priceless
# 9
Deewane tu kya jaane kya hai mohabbat ... marne waale se poocho jeene ka matlab
What do you know about love you crazy person ... ask the meaning of life from someone who is dying
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